All hail dessert! We all turn into a kid when confronted with a freshly baked apple pie, a towering chocolate layer cake, or a plate piled high with chocolate chip cookies after dinner. Dessert recipes tend to get passed down from generation to generation, because we all crave the sweets we ate when were children, whether it's a creamy lemon pudding, gooey chocolate brownies, or a stacked strawberry shortcake. Skip the premade stuff at the supermarket and take the time to make your own - half the fun is letting the kids help you bake. We're always told to save room for dessert, but let's be honest - room or not, we'll eat it anyway.

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8 Delectable Christmas Desserts

The holidays are a golden ticket to indulge a little, so don't waste your Christmas dessert hour on ho-hum sweets. We like Christmas cookies as much as the next person, but who wouldn't bypass a sugar cookie for a plate of rich, gooey Black Forest trifle? With all of the dazzle and sparkle of the season, you have to make a little magic in the kitchen to get noticed.

10 Dazzling Easter Desserts

Sweet things abound at Easter time--its secular side is practically devoted to candy, from those ubiquitous gooey creme eggs to jewel-toned jelly beans. But man (and kid) cannot survive on candy alone, and once the dishes have been cleared from the Easter feast, it's time for dessert. What makes a dessert an "Easter dessert?"

Wild Strawberry Desserts

We never met a strawberry we didn't like. Especially at this time of year, when the beautiful summer berries are either in season or on their way, nothing seems to make as much sense for dessert as strawberry shortcake, strawberry pie (go on, make a pie with strawberry and rhubarb, too, for a classic June dessert), or just-plain strawberry with cream. Maybe with a little sugar.

Smokin' Hot Desserts

When we read the recent Wall Street Journal headline "Smoke Signals: Woodsy flavors are spreading like wildfire across dessert menus," our first thought was, "eww." But after advancing through the first couple of paragraphs, we heard ourselves thinking, "mmm ... s'mores."

6 Inspired Passover Desserts

While it's true that flour isn't allowed in Passover dishes, it doesn't mean you can't create some stunning desserts. Think beyond traditional cakes, cookies, and pies--there are plenty of sweet treats that don't require leavening. Take, for example, our flourless chocolate cake.

Thanksgiving Desserts: Perfect Pies

Pie should really get its own annual marketing campaign: "The Official Dessert of Thanksgiving." No one would contest it; after all, it's exceedingly rare to see a Thanksgiving table that doesn't contain at least one variety of pie. Pumpkin, apple, chocolate silk, pecan ... There's no denying that Americans are wild for our favorite flavors baked up in a buttery pastry crust.

Our Best Easter Desserts

Check out our best recipes for Easter desserts and treats!

Red, White & Blue Desserts

Check out our red, white & blue dessert ideas for the holidays!

Best Desserts for Backyard Cookouts

Everybody loves dessert, and backyard cookouts are no exception. And, just as every party has its most-popular guest -- the guy with the great stories; the gal who can make everyone laugh -- the most popular person at the cookout is the smart cookie who brings the best dessert. This summer, cookouts and potlucks provide plenty of opportunities to dazzle with summer desserts, and all you need to do is follow a few easy guidelines to ensure success.

Vegetable Desserts -- A Rotten Trend?

If ever there was a month to give in to holiday desserts, December is it. Christmas parties, cookie swaps, end-of-year celebrations -- it's a wonder we can even button our jeans come New Year's Day. But if what we hear is true -- that restaurants are really adding veggies to their dessert menus -- maybe we won't have to fight the throngs at the gym after Jan.

11 Delicious Desserts with S'mores

From simple treats to over-the-top dsserts, these s'mores-centric recipes are sure to delight all summer long.

Irresistible Frozen Desserts

Check out our recipes for frozen dessert ideas!

8 Mind-Blowing Apple Desserts

Feel free to use any variety of apple you enjoy, from Braeburn to Honeycrisp, in these 8 delicious desserts that are way more exciting than plain old pie.

Giggly, Jiggly Jell-o Desserts

We all remember the commercials: "Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle..." There's just something well, fun, about Jell-o. The bright, jewel-like colors; the amusing way it keeps it shape even as it's wiggled about; the sweet, bright fruit flavors. So it makes sense that gelatin is a natural fit in a wide range of dessert recipes.

Holiday Desserts: Magic in Moments

Want to bake up some serious holiday magic, but you're a little short on time? Kraft comes to the rescue, giving you plenty of ways to create party-worth desserts in no time. In our fantasies of the holidays, visions of sugar plums, fancy Christmas cakes, and fanciful gingerbread houses dance in our heads.

7 Delicious Zucchini Desserts, Sweets, and Snacks

Squash your preconceptions about the limited savory uses of zucchini. Take advantage of this season's bounty to bake up these sweet summer squash desserts.

MyPlate Meals: 10 Healthy Fall-Favorite Desserts

This time of year makes it hard to eat healthy. Halloween ... Thanksgiving ...

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