Christmas Turkey

Making a turkey for Christmas dinner? Sidestep comparisons to Thanksgiving by doing something bold with your bird and check out some innovative Christmas turkey recipes. Give it a holiday hue with a festive red pomegranate glaze, or embrace classic Christmas flavors with a fruit and chestnut stuffing. Or maybe this is the time to set up the outdoor fryer and cook a deep-fried turkey. Want something totally out of the box? Opt to roast a turkey breast instead. Not only will it cut your cooking time way down, a turkey breast gives you a lot of different options that a whole bird can't. Get fancy by crusting a turkey breast with pine nuts or slivered almonds -- or pound it out and stuff it. When sliced, you'll have fancy swirls of holiday goodness.

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    Christmas Turkey Recipes: Take your pick!
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    ...It's not too late to save Christmas! No matter how many relatives and unexpected guests... are sleeping on your couches (the spare bedrooms filled up long ago), you can have a gorgeous Christmas brunch.... On Christmas eve (that's NOW, by the way), the kids in her family would make this Ham and Cheese Breakfast... read more...
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