Christmas Turkey

Making a turkey for Christmas dinner? Sidestep comparisons to Thanksgiving by doing something bold with your bird and check out some innovative Christmas turkey recipes. Give it a holiday hue with a festive red pomegranate glaze, or embrace classic Christmas flavors with a fruit and chestnut stuffing. Or maybe this is the time to set up the outdoor fryer and cook a deep-fried turkey. Want something totally out of the box? Opt to roast a turkey breast instead. Not only will it cut your cooking time way down, a turkey breast gives you a lot of different options that a whole bird can't. Get fancy by crusting a turkey breast with pine nuts or slivered almonds -- or pound it out and stuff it. When sliced, you'll have fancy swirls of holiday goodness.

See Popular Christmas Turkey Recipes

Creole Butter-Roasted Turkey

The Food Channel

This rich juicy Creole butter-roasted turkey, with a crispy golden brown skin, tastes incredible! Rubbing seasoned butter under the skin of the turkey before roasting ensures a moist, flavorful turkey.

Total: 4 hrs 15 mins

Maple-Tarragon Glazed Turkey

Heart-Healthy Living

A simple orange and herb glaze brings out the best in your holiday turkey. Roast red grapes with the bird to make an elegant dinner presentation.

Orange Roasted Turkey

Better Homes and Gardens

If you love citrus, this orange glazed turkey is for you. A complimentary orange sauce adds even more intense flavor.

What to Make for Christmas Dinner: Not-Your-Thanksgiving Turkey

Did you eat turkey for your Thanksgiving feast? Of course you did. In fact, almost 90 percent of Americans cooked up a turkey to celebrate the holiday, according to the National Turkey Federation.

Christmas Turkey: Exciting Ideas for Your Holiday Bird

There's no reason to limit your annual consumption of roast turkey to Thanksgiving--Christmas dinner is a natural fit for this gorgeous (and tasty!) bird. It's easy to make, feeds a large crowd easily, and pairs wonderfully with an array of delicious side dishes.

Deep-Fried Turkey

Taste of the South
Total: 1 hr 35 mins

Herb-Butter Roasted Turkey with Pinot Noir Gravy

Fine Cooking Magazine

To brine the turkey you need space for a 5-gallon pot in your refrigerator. If you have neither the room nor the pot, you can cook the brine in a smaller pan and proceed with one of our alternate brining methods.

Lemon-Thyme Split-Roasted Turkey

Better Homes and Gardens

Herb-Butter Roast Turkey

Better Homes and Gardens

Butter, herbs, and garlic rubbed onto the traditional Thanksgiving turkey creates a flavor-saturated show stopper. Serve it with festive trimmings including pears and herbs.

Roast Turkey, 8- 10-Pound

Better Homes and Gardens

Thanksgiving is synonymous with turkey, and this low-fat recipe with less than five ingredients just couldn't be simpler. Fill the turkey with your choice of stuffing.

Buttery Cider-Glazed Turkey

Better Homes and Gardens

Roasted apples surround this golden brown Thanksgiving turkey, making for an astounding flavor combination.

New England Roast Turkey with Cranberry-Pecan Stuffing

Better Homes and Gardens

Why buy prepared stuffing when it's so easy to make your own? This fruit and nut version is splendid when served with the basic turkey recipe.

Stuffed Roast Turkey

Fine Cooking Magazine

If you're using the cornbread stuffing, rub the bird with butter; for the Italian sausage stuffing, use oil. Serve with either Madeira Gravy or Pan Gravy with Herbs.

Orange- and Herb-Roasted Turkey

Better Homes and Gardens

This roasted turkey has winter-fresh orange flavor to serve at Thanksgiving of anytime. Serve the bird, surrounded with candied fruits, on a platter.

Deep-Fried Turkey

Family Circle

Roasted Turkey

Family Circle

Lemon Herb Salted Turkey and Golden Roasted Turkey Stock

The Food Channel

This is a fairly simple process that guarantees flavorful, hot, juicy turkey breast, and gold roasted turkey stock for gravy and stuffing. Most importantly, you'll experience a stress free holiday meal.

Christmas Turkey  Recipes: Take your pick!
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