Christmas Prime Rib

You can't go wrong with prime rib for Christmas dinner or a special holiday meal. Try a marinated prime rib roast, ancho-rubbed prime rib with grilled papaya butter, or one of our other delicious prime rib recipes for an impressive Christmas main course.

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    Christmas Prime Rib Recipes: Take your pick!
    Christmas Prime Rib Articles
    Grilled Ginger Ribs: Weeknight Friendly, Weekend Worthy
    ...One of my favorite foods to eat is barbeque ribs, especially ones that have an Asian flair to them... enjoy noshing on the bones of St. Louis style ribs, my teenage daughters prefer something a little more... dainty and neat. When I found this recipe for Grilled Ginger Ribs, I knew I had to try to make it both... read more...
    25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Chocolate Crinkles
    ...WAKE UP! It's Christmas morning. And you still have one more recipe for cookies to turn out. (No... Crinkles? Seriously, what were you thinking? You say you made PLENTY of Christmas cookies already? Yes... Chocolate Crinkles is because they are the LAST in our series of 25 Days of Christmas Cookies. Come on. Don... read more...
    The Ham & Cheese Breakfast Casserole That Saved Christmas!
    ...It's not too late to save Christmas! No matter how many relatives and unexpected guests... are sleeping on your couches (the spare bedrooms filled up long ago), you can have a gorgeous Christmas brunch.... On Christmas eve (that's NOW, by the way), the kids in her family would make this Ham and Cheese Breakfast... read more...
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    Christmas Rib Roast
    by Better Homes and Gardens
    Prime Rib of Beef
    by Atkins - Phase 1
    Moroccan Rib Roast
    by Diabetic Living
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