Whether you live inland or by the coast, lobster makes an impressive main course at Christmas. Browse through our many lobster main-dish recipes -- from basic boiled to lobster Newberg -- for Christmas dinner inspiration.

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Lobster for Lovers

There aren't many foods that can compare with lobster when it comes to over-the-top luxury. Yes, it's expensive (since it's always in demand, producers can charge what the market will bear). But it's a worthwhile indulgence, especially when you have a romantic dinner in mind (for Valentine's Day or any day).

How to Boil Lobster

Few foods epitomize luxury and decadence like lobster. You can find recipes for lobster in just about every kind of dish, from lobster lasagna to lobster mac and cheese. But for lobster beginners, it's wise to start with the basics by learning how to boil lobster. Even lobster connoisseurs can appreciate the scrumptious simplicity of boiled lobster. So whether you're just starting to test your culinary claws or you're looking to perfect your tried and true technique, follow this step-by-step guide for how to boil lobster.

Lobster Rolls: Make the Takeout

Hmm! Lobster rolls, on a bun and brimming with good stuff. Shades of the vacation last year on Cape Cod.

How to Grill Lobster

Conquer the intimidation factor: It's not as difficult as you might think to learn how to grill lobster. You'll be immensely satisfied once you do, as it's an impressive technique to show off to guests when entertaining, and far more affordable than ordering it at a restaurant.

How to Cook Lobster Tails

If succulent lobster tails, cradled in their coral shells and served with melted butter, seems more like something you'd order from a restaurant menu than a dish you'd make at home, it's time to step outside of your culinary comfort zone. Learning how to cook lobster tails not only offers a fun challenge, but will add an extravagant dish to your repertoire that is sure to impress.

Lobster Newburg

Better Homes and Gardens

Milk replaces cream in this low-fat version of an easy-to-fix classic. Serve this brunch or lunchtime favorite for a gathering of special friends.

Total: 20 mins

Basic Steamed Lobster with Drawn Butter

Atkins - Phase 1

This Recipe is appropriate for ALL 4 Phases of the Atkins Diet. Join Atkins today to sign up for your Free Quick-Start Kit including 3 Atkins Bars and gain access to Free Tools and Community, as well as over 1,500 other Free Atkins-friendly Recipes.

Total: 20 mins

How to Make Boiled Lobster

Almost every lobster recipefrom lobster lasagna to lobster mac and cheesehas "cooked lobster" in the ingredient list. So, seafood lovers: it's time to learn how to boil lobster.

Restaurant Guru Predicts Wacky Food Trends for 2012

Lamb belly? Goose eggs? Lobster ice cream!?

Homemade Lobster Rolls: A Dinner Vacation at Home

Lobster is a classic and glorious summer tradition. Try this recipe for a quick dinner tonight.

Mastering the Basics: How to Crack a Lobster

Make quick work of a whole lobster with these tips for removing the shell like a pro. Learn how to crack open a lobster to get the most meat you can from this delicious shellfish.

Get Yer Lobster Rolls! Fenway Park Celebrates 100 Years

Fenway Park turns the big 1-0-0 today, which is downright amazing when you think of all the teams who have chucked nostalgia and bulldozed their ballparks in order to erect gleaming new gazillion-dollar mega-parks (with a preponderance of luxury boxes). Speaking of the Yankees (ahem)--it's no doubt fitting that the Red Sox will take on their arch rivals tonight, the same team they played at Fenway's inaugural game exactly 100 years ago. (Fenway may not have changed much, but the Yankees have, right down to their name--they were the New York Highlanders back in 1912.)

How to Make Lobster Tails with Chive Butter

This simple recipe brings out the decadent flavor of lobster tail. For an elegant meal make lobster tails with chive butter and see how sometimes simplicity is best.

Caviar and Lobster Sandwich Busts the Budget at Wendy's in Japan

The down economy has many people scrambling to stretch all that zucchini in the garden into a week's worth of meals and trying to convince the kids that egg salad most definitely do count as dinner. Or deciding how to get the most bang for your buck from the dollar menu. Well, if you're at Wendy's in Japan, forget that.

Valentine's Day Dinner: Cook Once, Eat Twice

Since one of my favorite foods is lobster it's definitely on my Valentine's Day dinner menu this year. It also helps that, along with hearts and roses, its vibrant red color makes it a natural for the day we celebrate love. The whole ritual of making lobster and cracking its shell to get to the tender meat makes it an extraspecial food.

Butter: Know Your Label Lingo

Butter makes our holiday cookies rich, and our mashed potatoes creamy. We slather it on warm, crusty bread and melt it for dipping lobster; James Beard said he wouldn't make a pie crust without it. As we begin the season of baking, butter looms large.

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