Christmas Pudding

Santa and your other guests will love these Christmas pudding recipes for dessert. Choose from butterscotch, pumpkin-bourbon, bread puddings, and more for Christmas desserts with a special homemade touch.

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Toffee-Pear Sticky Pudding

Better Homes and Gardens

Vanilla Brown-Sugar Pudding

Taste of the South
Total: 3 hrs 35 mins

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Meringue-Topped Choco-Banana Pudding

Family Circle

Purchased pudding helps this chocolate dessert come together quickly. It's best served warm from the oven.

rice pudding with raisins

Family Circle

Let this old-fashioned dessert simmer on the back of the stove while you prepare the rest of the meal. By the time you're done with the main course, the warm pudding will be ready to spoon into dessert dishes.

Sugar and Spice Steamed Pudding

Better Homes and Gardens

Bran Cranberry Crown


Brandy- and cranberry-spiked baked pudding makes festive holiday fare.

Total: 2 hrs 40 mins

Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding

Better Homes and Gardens

Chocolate chips and bread pudding go hand-in-hand at the holidays in this dessert, which is topped with a brown-sugar sauce.

Creamy Butterscotch Pudding

Family Circle

Dark brown sugar makes this creamy homemade pudding extra sweet.

White Chocolate Bread Pudding with Hard Sauce

Midwest Living

This sophisticated dessert pudding, speckled with bright red dried cherries, is finished off with a buttery whiskey sauce.

Gingerbread Pudding with Brandy Cream Sauce

Midwest Living

This recipe is an updated version of Indian pudding, New England's classic cornmeal and molasses dessert. The cream sauce makes it especially elegant for the holidays.

Creamy Rice Pudding

Taste of the South
Total: 2 hrs 5 mins

Double-Fudge Bread Pudding

Ladies' Home Journal
Total: 2 hrs 25 mins

Quince Pudding

Better Homes and Gardens
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