Christmas Cookies

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a big platter of holiday cookies for dessert. Choose from shortbread, sandwich cookies, or rolled and dropped cookies for a spectacular dessert assortment.

Crinkle Cookies


These cookies expand while baking, creating a fun crinkled effect that kids will love to watch as it happens.

Total: 1 hr

Holiday Snowmen

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These kid-friendly snowmen cookies are fun to make and give during Christmas. Call on this cookie recipe to be creative for winter birthdays, snow days, or anytime kids gather for cooking and crafting projects.

Santa's Spicy Gingersnappers

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This Christmas drop cookie recipe will quickly become a family favorite when they sample the yummy pecan topping and orange glaze.

Chocolate Reindeer Cookies

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Bake a herd of Santa's favorite woodland critters for Christmas cookie treats.

Toffee-Pecan Cookie Mix

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These cookie mix jars make for great hostess gifts around the holidays. Layer the ingredients in a glass jar and attach baking directions with a festive red bow.

Total: 15 mins

Patchwork Mittens

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These artsy Christmas cookies may look impressively difficult to prepare, but they are actually simple. Cream cheese creates a rich, tender dough.

Pecan Balls

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Look familiar? These classic cookies have made appearances at Christmas parties for decades.

Cinnamon-Sugar Roll Cookies

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Candy Cane Sandwich Cookies

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Turn a favorite holiday flavor into pretty peppermint sandwich cookies and serve them up at a cookie exchange, holiday party, or potluck.

Bell-Shape Santa Sugar Cookies

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Use a piping bag to easily create Santa's iconic red and white suit. Grab the whole family for some decorating fun.

Sugar Cookie Mittens

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A buttery sugar cookie dough becomes a Christmas treat that can be served with or without icing.

Brandied Cranberry Drops

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Use brandy for the adult cookies and orange juice for the kids version when making these adaptable holiday cookies.

Santa Madeleines

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These soft, cakelike cookies can be decorated for the holidays or just eaten plain anytime of the year.

Linzer Star Cookies

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Sandwich fruit preserves between two crisp nutty cutout cookies to make this classic Christmas recipe.

Christmas Thyme Cookies

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Lemon peel and fresh thyme come together to give these Christmas cookies a sweet, yet unexpected taste. Finish with a light dusting of green sanding sugar for a professional look.

Square Wreath Almond Sugar Cookies

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Start with square almond sugar cookies and arrange assorted diamond-shaped cookies in a wreath. Top with green and red nonpareils and place a red candy in the center.

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