Christmas Cake

Don't forget to add cakes to your list of Christmas desserts to bake. Whether you're baking up coffee cake for a neighbor, cupcakes for the school Christmas play, or a showstopping, triple-layered cake, you'll find what you're looking for in these holiday dessert recipes.

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A Christmas Cake Turns 100 (Fruitcake, Eat Your Heart Out)

Just when you were about to make another joke at the expense of Aunt Edna's annual fruitcake, may be we present to you--Little Drummer Boy, a drum roll, please--America's oldest Christmas cake! The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports a holiday spice cake dating back 100 years has held up rather nicely. Where did the seven-inch, double-layer confection featuring decorative mints and now-petrified nuts come from?

Poppy Seed Cake

Food & Wine

Lauren Chattman brings out the taste of the poppy seeds in this cake by soaking them in hot water. She lightly crushes the seeds in a blender before mixing them into the batter. (Recipe adapted from Cake Keeper Cakes.)

Total: 2 hrs

Pinecone Cakes

Better Homes and Gardens

Sliced almonds transform simple cakes into festive pinecones. Look for slivers with a bit of skin showing for a more realistic result.

Paula's Red and Green Velvet Holiday Cake


Paula's holiday twist on her Grandmother Paul's recipe.

Total: 18 mins

7 Super-Easy Cake Mix Christmas Cookies: Best of the Blogs

It seems we just never have enough Christmas cookies on hand this time of year. Just when we get a batch made, it's like we turn around and half of them are gone (just a couple days' worth of after-school snacking is enough to do that). Add in a variety of potlucks, cookie-swaps with our neighbors and, you know, a few for ourselves (ahem), and it's like we could spend the month of December working our own at-home cookie factory.

Hidden Snowman Cake

Better Homes and Gardens

Hiding vanilla snowmen inside this decadent chocolate cake is easier than it looks, and it makes for a festive dessert for any special holiday event.

Christmas Ornament Cupcakes

Better Homes and Gardens

Decorate your choice of cake mix to create flavorful Christmas ornament cupcakes. Tint creamy white frosting with different colors, cut white rolled fondant icing into shapes, and add luster dust for a light sheen.

Total: 1 hr 30 mins

Rum and Eggnog Cakes

Better Homes and Gardens

Toasting the holidays isn't the only way to enjoy eggnog. Use eggnog in these easy and elegant mini cakes. Because they keep well, you can serve some now and freeze the rest to serve drop-in guests.

White Christmas Peppermint Layer Cake

Midwest Living

A snowfall of crushed peppermint candies on the outside of this luscious layered dessert hints at the minty frosting between each fluffy cake inside.

Winter Wonderland Cake

Better Homes and Gardens

Stun your holiday crowd with a four-layer cake coated in dreamy buttercream frosting and topped with a forest of puffy pink meringue trees.

Spiced Olive Oil Cake

Family Circle

Despite having savory olive oil stand in for the butter, this cake is still plenty sweet.

Hazelnut Truffle Cake

Better Homes and Gardens

Hazelnut liqueur gives this decadent truffle cake a boost of nutty flavor. A whipped cream topping and chocolate-hazelnut spread makes the cake a great choice for an indulgent dessert offering.

Amaretto Cake with Cinnamon Swirl

Better Homes and Gardens

Amaretto, an Italian almond liqueur, adds an unexpected flavor component to this cinnamon bundt cake.

Slow Cooker Gingerbread Cake


For a unique twist on fruitcake, try this gingerbread-flavored cake that bakes completely in your slow cooker (to save oven space for your holiday roast).

Gianduja Mousse Cake

Better Homes and Gardens

Santa Claus Cake

Family Circle

Although this festive holiday cake appeals to all ages, it will be a hit at a kids' Christmas party. Hidden under the clever frosting is a fabulous white cake dotted with maraschino cherry bits.

Mint-Chocolate Santa Claus Cake

Family Circle

Kids will love this two-layer peppermint-flavored chocolate cake that's been cleverly frosted to look like Santa Claus.

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