German Christmas

Spaetzle, anyone? German cuisine offers many Christmas favorites, and our recipes prove it. Whether you're making German apple pancakes for Christmas morning or a sweet kuchen for dessert, you'll find many great recipes here -- all inspired by authentic German cuisine.

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Christollen Bread

Better Homes and Gardens

Pretty as a picture in a braided loaf, this traditional Christmas bread-- studded with candied fruits and peels--is particularly good sliced, toasted, and served for breakfast or brunch.

Christmas Stollen

Family Circle

This classic German fruit-studded yeast bread is distinguished by a rich sweet dough spiced with mace.

German Meatballs

Midwest Living

For an authentic German dinner, ladle these beef-and-pork meatballs over noodlelike spaetzle.

Total: 40 mins

Black Forest Splurge Cake Topper

Better Homes and Gardens

7 Great Christmas Breads: Loaves of Love

Freshly baked bread is welcome no matter what time of year it is (who can resist that aroma?), but around the holidays, bread takes on special meaning. Whether you're hosting a casual afternoon coffee or a grand dinner, homemade Christmas bread can elevate the occasion.

25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Peppermint Puffs

If you grow your own mint, you already know that mint plants do best in warm, sunny weather. So how did Christmas and peppermint get to be such good friends? It all has to do with candy canes -- which have been around for quite some time. Almost 400 years, in fact! Candy canes didn't start out with the stripes we know today. They didn't even start out as "canes" -- they were all-white sticks given to kids at Christmastime in Germany. In 1670, a choirmaster at the Cologne Cathedral came up with the crook shape, which resembled bothread more

10 Easy Holiday Recipes for Stress-Free Christmas Parties

This year, I'm getting the holiday entertaining tasks done early, by which all I mean is I'm writing this column, full of easy recipes for a bang-up Christmas party. Even my own, I hope. In my non-writing life, sadly, I don't get paid to meet deadlines. If only I did! I'd be waaaaaay more punctual with the 9,000 other holiday chores breathing down my neck if I simple got a paycheck to perform each one. With the baking and wrapping and shopping and tree-ing all taken care of, I'd be able to relax when company came over. I'd loll onread more

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