Christmas Breakfast and Brunch

Tumbling out of bed in the wee hours of Christmas morning means that by the time all of the gifts are opened, most of the family has worked up an impressive appetite. Refuel for the day ahead by serving up a traditional Christmas breakfast. With just a little planning, you can do most of the menu as a make-ahead, so you can give your loved ones a delicious spread on this iconic holiday morning -- streusel coffee cake, a cheesy sausage and egg breakfast casserole or a hash-brown strata -- without any early morning stress. Just wade through the discarded wrapping paper, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and enjoy.

Nut Bread

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Stir together basic ingredients to create this tender, nutty bread. Add blueberries or cranberries for a fruity bonus.

Gingerbread Loaves

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These mini quick breads are loaded with fall's favorite flavors.

Caramel Bubble Ring

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Refrigerated breadsticks make these sweet rolls super easy to prepare.

Cranberry-Orange Loaf

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Filled with dried figs or apricots, pistachios, and cranberries, this loaf is a Christmas recipe favorite.

Best Doughnuts

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Sugar 'n' Spice Bagels

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Combine spice to sugar to sprinkle on cream-cheese-topped bagels for a super simple breakfast treat or snack.

Total: 15 mins

Sweet Holiday Fritters

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Serve these sweet dough and fruit fritters for breakfast, brunch, or as a an appetizer or dessert.

How to Make French Toast

Sometimes the simple things can seem the most indulgent. Such is the case with French toast--delectably battered and lightly fried slices of bread, dripping in maple syrup, served with a side of fresh fruit and a warm mug of coffee. It's the kind of meal that could just as well come from a fancy restaurant brunch, but can seem like even more of a treat when enjoyed in your own fuzzy slippers. Lucky for you, it's easy to learn how to make French toast.

How to Make Fruit Salad

It's been said that fresh fruit is nature's candy--and with good reason. Fruit is sweet and delicious, colorfully wrapped, and doesn't require much dressing up to become an elegant dessert. While pies, tarts and cobblers all have their place, to truly savor the natural flavors of strawberries, melon, grapes and other fresh-picked "candies," you need look no further than how to make fruit salad.

Crunchy Toffee Muffins

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Chopped toffee makes this muffin recipe decadent. Make ahead and reheat.

Faux Baklava

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Blueberry Jelly Muffins

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Muffins and jelly go so well together so why not bake the jelly right in the muffins? This recipe uses blueberry preserves, but you can use any flavor jelly you wish.

Chocolate Pancakes

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Chocolate for breakfast? Sure when you make these chocolate pancakes filled with chocolate chips.

Overnight Ricotta Coffee Cake

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Vanilla Cake Doughnuts

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Spanish Tortilla

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Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls

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