Thanksgiving may get all the glory, but the Christmas holiday isn't exactly a slouch when it comes to good food. Is there anyone who doesn't love traditional Christmas recipes like tender prime rib, candy-coated gingerbread houses or buttery sugar cookies? And unlike Thanksgiving, the Christmas recipe season lasts throughout the month of December, so you've got countless opportunities to indulge. Work party? Serve up a rum punch. Book club brunch? Turn it into a cookie exchange. Christmas Eve by the tree? Bring on the rich, creamy oyster stew. Of course, everyone looks forward to the main event: Christmas dinner, traditionally a large roast (crown beef or ham are always a hit) surrounded by hearty sides like mashed potatoes and glazed carrots. The only thing better is the Christmas cookies that follow.

See Popular Christmas Recipes

Italian Christmas Favorites

Whether you're Italian or not, you can be inspired by a classic Italian Christmas. (My favorite Italian hosts and cooks begin with delicious food and plenty of it!) Italian-inspired dishes on your holiday table create a sure-fire way to please all of your guests.

Top Ten Christmas Cakes

While Christmas cookies are always welcome, there's something special about presenting a beautiful Christmas cake at the parties and dinners that abound this time of year. Whether it's simple or over the top, cake is a lovely centerpiece for any holiday table, a sweet suggestion of the dessert course to come. Whether you opt for a pristine white butter cake or a cheerful red velvet number, your guests will appreciate the extra effort that goes into baking and icing a cake.

Our Best Christmas Recipes

From Christmas dinner to a delicious holiday dessert, we've got the Christmas recipes you want.

Glorious Christmas Roast Beef

Why does Christmas always seem like the perfect time for roast beef? It's likely because we associate a hearty cut of juicy beef with luxury, and the holidays are the ideal time for over-the-top indulgence. Happily, it doesn't take a lot of skill or effort to produce a lovely roast beef.

Kid-Friendly Christmas Cookies

Is there anything more fun than baking Christmas cookies with your kids during the holidays? Little helpers love to get in on the action and feel some ownership over the sweet treats coming from your kitchen. Countless Christmas memories are made over clouds of flour, rolling pins, and cookie cutters.

8 Delectable Christmas Desserts

The holidays are a golden ticket to indulge a little, so don't waste your Christmas dessert hour on ho-hum sweets. We like Christmas cookies as much as the next person, but who wouldn't bypass a sugar cookie for a plate of rich, gooey Black Forest trifle? With all of the dazzle and sparkle of the season, you have to make a little magic in the kitchen to get noticed.

Savory and Sweet Christmas Salads

When Christmas rolls around I'm always in the mood for festive winter-themed salads--something sweet and savory with jewels of flavor that lighten up the holiday menu. Candied nuts and cooked pears, apples, and grapes always come to mind. I like to contrast these sweet notes with creamy, robust blue cheeses and peppery greens like arugula or watercress.

25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Cream Cheese Christmas Trees

What's the secret to amping up the rich flavor of ordinary Christmas sugar cookies? Cream cheese! A mere three ounces here makes for a lusciously moist cookie that's perfect for the holidays.

Quick & Easy Christmas Fudge Recipes

Christmas Fudge, the best of all chocolate recipes. The treat that's so good, it's sold by the block in stores devoted almost exclusively to selling that one confection alone. (How many olde fudge shoppes have you passed over the years in all those touristy towns?)

25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Christmas Tree Butter Cookies

Perhaps there's no cookie that says Christmas like a simple butter cookie recipe that can be rolled out and cut into whatever holiday shapes your heart desires. For many of us, an afternoon spent frosting and decorating cookies like these was as much a part of the Christmas season as trimming the tree and hanging the stockings. Mom would clear off the kitchen table, whip up some frosting in different colors, and we'd all sit there working through a stack of blank-faced Christmas trees, Santas or stars listening to Andy Williams singing "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year."

Holiday Clearance: Christmas Leftover Recipes

We tend to overdo everything when it comes to the holidays, and that includes the food. When you're entertaining, no one wants to come up short, so there are usually copious leftovers after Christmas dinner. But that's a good thing!

Our Best Christmas Cookie Recipes

Get instant access to our best easy holiday cookies, sugar cookies, and more when you get this delicious Christmas cookie recipe collection.

25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Mexican Sugar

Start baking Christmas cookies! NOW! We know, you've still got a lot to do.

25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Chocolate Peppermint

When it comes to Christmas cookies and holiday entertaining, we simply can't argue with simple -- simple cookies, like these Chocolate Peppermint rounds. They're just what we want. Easy to make, iconic (what says Christmas more than bits of red-and-white candy cane?)

25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Peppermint Puffs

If you grow your own mint, you already know that mint plants do best in warm, sunny weather. So how did Christmas and peppermint get to be such good friends? It all has to do with candy canes -- which have been around for quite some time.

25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Alfajores

Whether you refer to December 25 as Christmas or "Navidad," alfajores are a welcome addition to the holiday. These sweet sandwich cookies are a staple of Christmastime in many Spanish-speaking countries in South America, as well as Spain itself. In fact, the name alfajores is a Spanish translation of the Arabic word for "luxury," and the cookies were first introduced to Medieval Spain by the Moors.

Make Candy, Make Sweet Christmas Gifts

I'm a big fan of food gifts. especially when they involve candy or preserves. This year I only bought one single solitary gift--the rest of our giftables were made months ago when we had summer produce galore (I'm not sharing any more details, lest I give away the scoop on everyone's holiday gifts).

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