Mexican Chicken Dishes

Twenty-five easy Mexican chicken dishes deliver almost a month's worth of south-of-the-border specialties. From cheesy enchiladas to tortilla soup to mole, these easy recipes for Mexican chicken dishes are authentic and quick.

Chicken-Stuffed Chilies Rellenos-Style

Better Homes and Gardens

Relleno (ray-YAY-no) means stuffing in Spanish. In Mexico, the stuffing is made with corn, cheese, chilies, shrimp, and vegetables to fill large hot or sweet peppers. This version is baked instead of fried and prep time is just 20 minutes.

Nutty Olive Quesadillas

Better Homes and Gardens

The mozzarella and feta cheeses melt in your mouth in these quick-to-fix quesadillas.

Total: 20 mins

Chicken Chile Rellenos

Better Homes and Gardens

A cheesy, chicken mixture fills hot peppers in this savory baked dinner.

Chicken Quesadillas

Better Homes and Gardens

A deli-roasted chicken is a handy main ingredient to have for quick dinner ideas. This dish really needs no recipe. Simply shred the chicken and tuck it into tortillas, along with cheese and other favorite fillings.

Total: 25 mins

Touchdown Chicken Fajitas

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Grilled chicken and peppers are topped with a fresh bean salad, cheese, and salsa for these deluxe fajitas.

Chicken Tacos

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These low fat, easy-to-make, chicken, chili pepper, and tomato stuffed tacos are great for family dinners.

Total: 30 mins

Italian-Style Enchiladas

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Blend flavors of Mexican with Italian in this chicken, pasta sauce, and cheese mix rolled into tortillas.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Midwest Living

Serve a cup of this Mexican-style soup as a starter before your fajita, quesadilla or taco dinner, or serve a big bowl as a stand-alone meal with some sliced avocado and crushed tortilla chips on top.

Chicken Cutlet Tacos with Fruity Salsa


You're just 25 minutes away from getting these sweet and savory fruit tacos on the dinner table. Trade corn tortillas for flour if you like.

Mexican Chicken Salad

Midwest Living

A pinch of taco seasoning takes this chicken salad south of the border. Wrap the finished mix in a tortilla or serve on top of crisp romaine lettuce.

Chicken and Rice with Mole

Better Homes and Gardens

A bit of cocoa powder tames the heat in the mole sauce that coats each bite of this slow cooker chicken dinner.

Southwestern Garden Pizza

Better Homes and Gardens

Bean dip and picante sauce lend this yummy pizza a great Tex-Mex taste, while the zucchini and green onion keep the flavor fresh.

Total: 50 mins

Chicken Enchiladas

Better Homes and Gardens

In Spanish, enchilada means "spiced with chile," a requisite step in preparing this cheesy chicken casserole.

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