Crockpot Chicken Jambalaya

Crockpot chicken jambalaya makes short work of what is usually a complicated dish. These easy crockpot chicken jambalaya recipes include sausage, shrimp, and plenty of spice so your crockpot chicken jambalaya turns out both authentic and full of flavor.

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Chicken Jambalaya


Served straight from your slow cooker, this main dish is low in fat because it uses chicken breasts and turkey sausage.

Diabetic Friendly Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya

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Turkey sausage makes this main dish meal, with chicken thighs, shrimp, and brown rice high in flavor, low in fat. Prepare this diabetic version of a Southern favorite in a slow cooker.

Slow Cooker Jambalaya

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Can't decide whether you want chicken, shrimp or sausage for dinner? This slow cooker recipe combines all three in one spicy stew.

Smokin' Jambalaya

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Chicken & Shrimp Jambalaya

Better Homes and Gardens

Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya

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The three-pepper Homemade Salt-Free Cajun Seasoning adds lots of fiery flavor to this slow-cooker jambalaya recipe.


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Slow-Cooker Chicken For Life in the Fast Lane

If there's one recipe collection you should have, it's a massive stash of chicken slow-cooker recipes: The low-heat, high-moisture environment of the slow cooker results in tender, moist chicken every time--and no slaving over the stove! You can go high-brow (slow-cooker coq au vin) or keep it real (slow-cooker spicy chicken nachos, anyone?).

Jumpin' Jambalaya! 10 Mardi Gras Faves

Jambalaya, a hodgepodge of meat, seafood, and rice, is one of Louisiana's most iconic dishes. Though recipes vary widely, there are two versions basic versions: Creole jambalaya, which originated in New Orleans as a stand-in for Spanish paella, contains tomatoes, while Cajun jambalaya, which sprang up from settlers in the state's bayou country, does not. Don't fret if you don't know which one to choose--both versions are delicious.

Small Bites, Big Flavors: 10 Bead-Worthy Mardi Gras Appetizers

Anyone who thinks Mardi Gras is just a chance to party doesn't know enough about the delicious food that's at the heart of this annual festival. New Orleans cuisine is the stuff of legend -- spicy jambalaya, blackened catfish, savory dirty rice. Really, what's not to love?

Slow-Cooked Moroccan Chicken: Dinner for $10

Chicken takes on an exotic fragrance and full, rich flavor when it's cooked Moroccan style. Slow Cooked Moroccan Chicken employs the meatier taste of chicken thighs (dark meat beats white for flavor because of the higher fat content), plus onions and baby carrots. No surprise there. But then the Moroccan touch is added: prunes.

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Say "cheese." Now say "quick and easy dinners." It's true.

Turkey Soup's On: Leftover Logic

Of course everyone likes leftover Thanksgiving food, but at a certain point we're all ready to move on from stuffing-and-turkey sandwiches. And let's get real--after days of prepping for the big feast, no one is particularly interested in whipping up something complex. That's why turkey soup is such a great option.

5 Good-for-You Barley Recipes: Cheap & Healthy Foods

Monopolies are a bad thing, even at the kitchen table. Why allow one side dish, such as rice, to dominate your dinners? After all, there are many delicious alternatives, and one perfect example is barley.

Get Souper-Charged with 10 Slow-Cooker Soups

If you're looking for a way to get tons of nutrition in a meal packed with flavor, soup is your answer. While it's true that it's pretty convenient to open a can of soup, heat it, and serve, the difference between that canned soup and homemade soup made with fresh stock is dramatic. And when you have a crockpot or slow cooker, it's never been easier.

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Casseroles need not be calorie bombs. Feel zero guilt when you serve yourself a healthy-sized scoop from these 10 less-than-300-calorie dinners or sides.

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