Chicken Appetizers

Tender chicken appetizers are teasers for good food and good fun. These easy chicken appetizer recipes promise compliments at any party. Serve a selection of BBQ kabobs, spicy satay, and Parmesan chicken fingers.

Chicken-Spinach Phyllo Rolls

Better Homes and Gardens

Roll and chill these cheesy phyllo rolls up to 6 hours before party time, then serve them hot from the oven.

Chili Powder Chicken with Cilantro Cream

Better Homes and Gardens

On a heat scale of 1 to 10, these chicken strips are an 8. If your palate prefers something cooler, dip them in the herbed sour cream before taking a bite.

Chili Chicken Appeteasers

Better Homes and Gardens

These quick and easy Thai flavored chicken appetizers are surprisingly low in calories.

Total: 15 mins

Mango Habanero Pulled Chicken Bites

Midwest Living

Set the slow cooker to make this sweet and spicy chicken dish and you can serve up a delicious appetizer with hardly any effort. Use a jalepeno if you aren't able to find a habanero pepper.

Spicy Peanut Satay Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

Use this simple sauce on meat or poultry during the last 5 minutes of grilling.

Chicken "Brats" with Apple Slaw

Diabetic Living

Top chicken sausages with spicy mustard-glazed cabbage to make these deliciously tangy brats. Strips of Granny Smith apples add unexpected sweetness.

Thai Chicken Wings with Peanut Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

The slow cooker makes these Thai style appetizers easy to make at home.

Crunchy Chicken Strips

Better Homes and Gardens

These chicken strips should be a staple for every kid menu. Less than five ingredients, and prepared in just 20 minutes, makes it a favorite among moms as well.

Total: 20 mins

Chicken Cutlet Roll-Ups


Chicken roulade, stuffed and rolled boneless chicken, is totally achievable at home. You'll be a believer after you take your first bite of a slice of this cheesy spinach and ham recipe.

BBQ Quesadillas

Family Circle

Curry-Lime Chicken Kabobs

Diabetic Living

Skewers are easy to eat and are great for entertaining. Toss veggies and chicken in a sweet, zesty marinade and thread in an alternating pattern to perfect this recipe.

Buffalo Wings

Better Homes and Gardens

A spicy marinade and a blue cheese dip make these buffalo chicken wings a standout snack.

Teriyaki Chicken Rumaki

Better Homes and Gardens

Mix-and-Match Baked Chicken Fingers and Dipping Sauces

Better Homes and Gardens

Make your own shake-n-bake breading for the chicken fingers, and take your pick of six different dipping sauces, like sweet and sour apricot or buffalo.

Italian Chicken Spirals

Better Homes and Gardens

For colorful appetizers, roll green spinach, pink prosciutto, and white mascarpone cheese into skinless, boneless chicken breasts. Bake, cool, and refrigerate, then cut the rolls in bite-size pieces.

Chicken Appetizers  Recipes: Take your pick!
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