Jamaican Chicken Dishes

Chicken is healthy, inexpensive, and sure to please a crowd. Liven it up with a Jamaican twist. When you do Jamaican chicken, whether giving it a spicy Caribbean flavor with dry-rub jerks or creating saucy stews with fruits, it's a home run every time.

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Jamaican Jerk Chicken Skewers

Better Homes and Gardens

These grilled chicken skewers are a spicy Latin American-inspired main dish. If you do not own a spice grinder, use a food processor to grind the spices.

Jerk Chicken and Slaw

Better Homes and Gardens
Total: 20 mins

Jerk Chicken Breast

Diabetic Living

To make this low-calorie chicken dinner even faster, use 4 teaspoons of bottled minced garlic in place of the 8 garlic cloves in the rub.

Jamaican Chicken Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

Savor this delicious main-dish salad of spicy sauteed chicken, mixed greens, and mangoes any season of the year.

Total: 25 mins

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Wing It! Super Chicken Wings for the Super Bowl

Any Super Bowl party worth its salt had better include a platter piled high with chicken wings. Whether you prefer them blazing hot or sweet and sour, there's something addictive about each juicy little bite of meat on the bone. Best of all, there's nothing fussy about them--everyone can eat with their hands and revel in the finger-lickin'-good mess.

Cooking with Rosemary: Herb Garden Tips & Recipes

Fresh rosemary is the cook's best friend. No herb is easier to grow or more useful in the kitchen. Especially in golden roast chicken dishes.

Tailgating Makeover

Hosting a tailgate party this weekend? A few simple substitutions can turn a high-calorie debacle into a nutrition win. Skip the onion dip and nacho cheese and set out a colorful trio of guacamole, salsa, and hummus instead.

Mexican (& Caribbean) Recipes to Kick the Winter Blues

Everybody loves South of the Border cooking, because Mexican enchiladas and tortilla dishes really heat things up. But do you specifically have to be a grandpa to warm things up another way--by wearing flannel-lined jeans? Because I really want a pair, even though they feel as if you're wrapping your legs in paper towels.

How to Tailgate: The Best Chicken Wing Recipes

Chicken wings are the soul of a great tailgating party. They're great with beer, require no cutlery, and, if things go poorly for the home team, they provide all the comfort traditionally associated with chicken itself -- everything short of chicken soup! Whatever the actual reason that chicken wings have become a tailgating staple, there's no doubt these bite-size pieces of poultry are a must at any self-respecting gathering of tailgaters.

How to Make Fried Chicken

Few dishes have a claim on comfort food like fried chicken. The perfect fried chicken is golden and crispy on the outside and full of juicy goodness on the inside. Sharing a meal of perfectly cooked fried chicken is a little slice of paradise. Learn how to cook fried chicken and you'll have a crowd-pleasing meal for any day of the week. But be warned: people might start finding all sorts of reasons to stop by your house at dinnertime.

Our Best Chicken and Rice Recipes

We've handpicked our best chicken and rice dishes just for you. Whether you're looking for a hearty casserole or a savory soup, we've got recipes you're guaranteed to enjoy.

March Madness Chow: Chicken Wings

Basketball fans, it's down to the March Madness Sweet 16! And whether you're a Syracuse Orange fan (like one of our editors) or a Louisville Cardinals lover, you need sustenance to get through the games (all eight of 'em). In our world that means plates piled high with chicken wings, meaty, spicy bites that satisfy and add a little heat to the madness.

Viva Vegetarian! 10 Ultrasatisfying Meatless Meals

Erase that vision of a bland block of tofu! Whether you're trying to reduce the amount of meat in your diet or just want to shake up your nightly dinner routine, vegetarian dishes can be a delicious option. Eliminating meat isn't as difficult as you might think--some of your favorite dishes already have layers upon layers of flavor even before you add the chicken or beef.

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