Canadian Cuisine

Canada recipes are as varied as the country's landscape. From roasted wild game to maple glazed salmon, these easy Canada recipes offer a fusion of flavors including French, British, and German.

Les Orielles de Cochon

Better Homes and Gardens

Les Orielles de Cochon (lay zaw-RE-y day kaw-SHOHN) is French for pig's ears. Why the funny name? Because as these sweet treats fry, they are twisted to resemble little ears. Drizzle them with syrup for a sweet treat.

Total: 45 mins

Maple Creme Brulee with Hazelnuts

Better Homes and Gardens

Apple-Maple Upside-Down Cake

Better Homes and Gardens

This maple flavored apple cinnamon cake recipe is the perfect fall and winter dessert. It's topped with dried cranberries for extra flavor.

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