Grilled Burgers

You know you've grilled the best tasting burgers when guests come back for seconds. These easy grilled burger recipes give your patties extra punch, including cheddar jalapeno hamburgers and turkey bacon burgers.

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Mediterranean Burgers

Ladies' Home Journal

Roasted red peppers and basil season the beef for these burgers. After grilling, they're piled high with arugula, cheese, artichoke hearts, and a caper mayonnaise.

Total: 45 mins

Easy Grilled Salmon Burgers: 30-Minute Meal

This delicious recipe for Easy Salmon Burgers has two things going for it: It's super-fast (takes only 20 minutes), and it's super healthy. When was the last time you heard "burger" and thought, "Gee, this'll be good for me." The reason, of course, is that these burgers are made with salmon, one of the healthiest kinds of fish you can eat.

Grilled Picante Beef and Vegetable Wraps

Pace Salsa & Picante

Here's some deliciously different burgers, stylish enough to serve to guests. They're seasoned with picante sauce, shredded cheese and onion, topped with a sassy cole slaw and wrapped in warm tortillas.

Total: 32 mins

All-American Burger with Red Pepper Relish

Better Homes and Gardens

Top this two-fisted hamburger with a slice of mozzarella cheese, fresh basil leaves, and the red sweet pepper relish.

Havana Fritas

Better Homes and Gardens

A frita is by definition "a small burger." This simple recipe is sassied up with a spread of mayonnaise and hot pimenton.

Sun-Dried Tomato Burgers

Better Homes and Gardens

For these grilled burgers, mix ground beef with lemon zest, sun-dried tomatoes, herbs, and hot peppers. Stack on bus and layer with fresh greens.

Simply Superb Grilled Burger

The Food Channel

Basic and simple, this is the best way to make a burger.

Sweet Onion Burgers

Better Homes and Gardens

Honey and mustard glaze the onion slices as they grill in a foil packet alongside these delicious burgers.

Roasted Garlic-Mozzarella Burger

Better Homes and Gardens

Take a bite of our Roasted Garlic Mozzarella Burger to discover gooey cheese hiding inside the flavorful beef patty. The three-ingredient Olive Mayonnaise makes this sandwich taste gourmet.

BBQ Burgers

Family Circle

For a restaurant-quality burger, serve it open-faced on grilled sourdough, then top with barbecue sauce and crunchy fried onions.

Chimichurri Burgers with Grilled Plantains

Better Homes and Gardens

Chimichurri is a thick herb sauce found in Argentina cooking. Here it's tucked inside beef burgers prior to grilling.

Double Salsa Burgers

Better Homes and Gardens

A fresh tomato salsa enlivens the beef mixture and serves as a colorful topping for these zesty grilled burgers.

Starker's Bacon and Cheese Curd Burger

Midwest Living

You can find the bacon and cheese inside these hamburgers instead of on top. Adults and kids love these flavorful burgers. Serve them at your next outdoor gathering. This recipe comes from Starker's Restaurant in Kansas City.

Pepper-Bacon Burgers

Better Homes and Gardens

You get a double dose of peppers in your sandwich. Jalapenos are mixed in with ground beef, and cooked mild chile peppers top the burger.

Pepperoni Pizza Burgers

Better Homes and Gardens

Chopped pepperoni and basil give these grilled hamburgers pizza pizzazz.

Grilled Sliders

Fine Cooking Books

It seems as if mini burgers have taken America by storm. They're everywhere--at cocktail parties and on restaurant menus. Of course, the fun thing about mini burgers is that if you eat three of them, which is about equivalent to one regular burger, you can have three different toppings, three different cheeses, three different anythings. These are great for a kid's birthday party or for an appetizer at a party where you';re making longer-cooking grilled meats.

Texas Cheeseburgers

Better Homes and Gardens

Roasted poblano peppers and chili powder bring spice to these beefy grilled burgers.

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