Spinach Quiche

Dark green, healthy spinach works so beautifully with eggs, it's no wonder that spinach quiche is a popular breakfast and brunch main. Serve up your own spinach quiche at your breakfast or brunch with our easy to follow recipes.

Spinach-Cheese Tart

Better Homes and Gardens

This healthy appetizer tart's claim to fame is a low-fat pastry filled with a savory ricotta, goat cheese, and spinach custard.

Spinach and Bacon Quiche

Better Homes and Gardens

No time to make your own pastry? Use a rolled refrigerated, unbaked pie crust instead to speed up the preparation time for this delicious breakfast pie.

Spinach Pancetta Quiche

Better Homes and Gardens

Fill a flaky pastry crust with eggs, pancetta, cheese and Greek yogurt for a tender, tasty brunch.

Spinach-Asparagus Quiche

Midwest Living

Add asparagus to your standard spinach-and-egg quiche for a fresh update. Ready in under an hour, this tasty tart is delicious for breakfast or brunch.

Cheeseburger Quiche

Family Circle

Any-Flavor Mini Quiche

Midwest Living

Spinach Quiche a la Goldmoor

Midwest Living

An easy-to-use frozen spinach souffle make this egg, cheese, and sausage pie extra good for breakfast or brunch. It's a favorite at the Goldmoor Inn in Illinois.

Spinach and Gruyere Quiche

Diabetic Living

Fat free half and half and refrigerated egg product make this egg dish lower in calories and fat than most other recipes.



A mini egg quiche is made for spring brunch parties or dinner party hors d'oeuvres trays. Add diced ham, bacon or sausage for even more protein.

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