Breakfast Hash Browns

You've had hash brown potatoes at diners, and now it's time to enjoy a truly homemade plate of hash browns at your next breakfast or brunch. With a couple of fried eggs, over easy, your hash brown potatoes are going to be the hit of the breakfast or brunch table.

See Popular Breakfast Hash Browns Recipes

Salmon Hash with Poached Eggs

Food & Wine

Hash is a such a great way to use leftovers, like the cooked salmon called for here. Any other cooked or smoked fish -- or diced ham -- could be used in place of the salmon.

Total: 45 mins

Basil Scrambled Eggs with Cornbread Toast

Better Homes and Gardens

Get kids involved; ask them to help prepare the eggs and toast for breakfast. They can stir the cheese into the corn bread batter or add the finely shredded basil to the eggs and hash browns.

6 Things to Make With...Frozen Hash Browns

Remember when hash browns were just for breakfast? Ha! Neither do we.

How to Make Hash Browns

Knowing how to make hash browns is like bringing a piece of American diner culture into your home. How were hash browns invented, and how did they become so popular? Some think they owe their heritage to the Swedish potato dish, Roesti, which is a delicious pancake of shredded, browned potatoes -- crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.

How to Make Hash Browns

For a great appetizer make these hash brown potato cakes. The addition of onions, herbs, salt and pepper give off a delicious aroma that is the perfect start to any meal.

Easy Hamburger & Hash Browns: 30-Minute Meal

Another quick and easy dinner with hamburger? You think you know them all, but until you try this Easy Skillet Beef and Hash Browns (click here for the recipe), you don't really know quick, easy -- or downright delicious. Yes, this one-dish meal is super-fast to make.

Shredded Potatoes with Sausage and Apples

Better Homes and Gardens

Use prepared shredded hash brown potatoes to get a head start on this fast flavor-packed sausage dinner.

Total: 30 mins

Scrambled Eggs in Potato Nests

Better Homes and Gardens

The nests are made with prepared hash brown potatoes, so they're a snap to put together. The filling is simply scramble eggs and chives topped with cheese. A great Easter brunch recipe.

Hash-Brown-Crusted Quiche

Midwest Living

Add more flavor to your quiche by cooking it up in a hashbrown crust. With added color and flavor from zucchini, red onion, red pepper, and Swiss cheese, this is a memorable morning meal.

Ranchero Beef Hash

Better Homes and Gardens

This traditional skillet recipe of beef and vegetables topped off with an egg is versatile enough to be served for breakfast, brunch, or as a main dish.

Total: 30 mins

Easy Skillet Beef With Hash Browns Recipe: 30-Minute Meal

Quick and easy recipes should never mean "still-hungry," and cheesy, delicious Easy Skillet Beef with Hash Browns will never disappoint. Really. Just because it's a busy weeknight, why should the kids and the rest of the family suffer with some kind of crazy casserole that (click here for good easy casserole recipes you'll love), while easy to toss together, leaves you munching on chips or pretzels an hour later.

Breakfast Pizza

Diabetic Living

This satisfying savory breakfast is like a vegetable omelet and hash browns on top of a pizza!

Beef Hash with a Spicy Kick

Better Homes and Gardens

Beef sirloin served over a hearty hash makes a delicious family-style dinner. Add fried eggs for an even more filling meal.

Total: 30 mins

Ham and Apple Skillet

Better Homes and Gardens

How easy! All your breakfast favorites--hash brown potatoes, eggs, ham, and cheese--in one pan.

Shredded Hash Browns

Better Homes and Gardens

Jalapeno pepper kicks up the flavor for this popular potato-onion skillet dish. Make it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Loaded Hash Browns

Better Homes and Gardens
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