Breakfast Sausage

Sausage is a great breakfast or brunch meat around the world. Meat lovers welcome sausage in hash, ground up in omelets, and of course, in lightly sauteed links nestled next to two fried eggs. See all the ways sausage can play the breakfast or brunch theme to the hilt.

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    Breakfast Sausage Articles
    Sicilian Strata with Hot Italian Sausage: Dinner for $10
    ...Get a load of this Sicilian Strata with Hot Italian Sausage! (We're imagining a Warner Bros... and whistles.) Yes, technically it's a "breakfast casserole," but who doesn't love breakfast for dinner... sausage, Italian bread and oodles of cheese. Baked up into a heaping, hearty casserole, you're bound a... read more...
    Sausage-Rice Casserole: 30-Minute Meal
    ...Fast is always good, and this Sausage-Rice Casserole clocks in at 25 minutes, making it one of our..., for most of us, anyway. You want hearty, too. And Sausage-Rice Casserole delivers the goods in a rice...-filled casserole soaking up all the oozing good flavors of sausage. Really, that's about it. Of course, we love... read more...
    10 Delicious Ways to Have Sausage for Dinner
    ...If you're anything like me, the vast majority of your sausage consumption has come alongside... sausage and handy frozen vegetables) meld for up to eight hours before layering atop toasted Italian bread.... Sausage Peppers You're just five minutes away from a bowl of spicy Italian goodness! Rather than expected... read more...
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