Breakfast Ham

Ham and eggs are as good as Fred and Ginger, at least at breakfast or brunch! See all the ways ham can play its starring role as a meat course at breakfast or brunch.

See Popular Breakfast Ham Recipes


Better Homes and Gardens

This breakfast or brunch pie brings together your favorite meat, cheese, and vegetables into one elegant dish. A versatile recipe that can fit into any life-style--the classic, low fat, or vegetarian.

Ham-It-Up Eggwiches

Better Homes and Gardens

Add scrambled eggs to a ham and cheese sandwich. Serve it with fruit for a quick breakfast or brunch.

Total: 20 mins

Breakfast Ham with Red Eye Gravy

The Food Channel

This marvelous Ham and Red-Eye Gravy recipe will work its Southern charm on anyone lucky enough to enjoy it for breakfast. The inclusion of coffee grounds as an ingredient in the recipe may sound a bit strange, but it adds spice to the ham in an unexpected and delightful way.

Ham, Asparagus, and Cheese Breakfast Strata

this spring-inspired egg strata with ham, asparagus, and cheese is perfect for Easter or Mother's Day breakfast or brunch.

Ham And Egg Pie

Better Homes and Gardens

This cheesy ham bake would be even faster if you used a pre-made pie shell.

Breakfast Bruschetta

Better Homes and Gardens

Even on camp-outs, dress up ham and eggs with fresh tomato salsa with this appetizing open-face sandwich presentation.

Total: 20 mins

Ham Souffle Roll

Better Homes and Gardens

The "souffle" is spread in a shallow pan and baked, then topped with ham and cheese and rolled into a spiral. The result is an elegant brunch entree that you can make ahead.

Egg Cakes with Sweet-and-Sour Plum Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

Make these brunch-size egg cakes Mexican-style by omitting the Plum Sauce and topping with cheese, salsa, and sour cream.

Ham and Fruit Strata

Better Homes and Gardens

Pears add a sweet fruity note to this favorite ham and cheese breakfast casserole.

Ham And Pear Melt

Better Homes and Gardens

Instead of a boring ham sandwich, make these fast ham and fruit melts for lunch or dinner.

Ham on Biscuits with Red-Eye Gravy

Better Homes and Gardens

Apricot-Glazed Ham Loaf

Better Homes and Gardens

If your holidays do not bring an entire tribe to the table, make it easy on yourself by making this luscious ham loaf glazed with Dijon-spiked apricots and pineapple juice. It is perfect for a dinner for two during the holidays or any time of the year -- and leftovers make sensational sandwiches.

Ham and Raisin Filled Oven Omelet

Better Homes and Gardens

This baked omelet simplifies prep and serving. After baking, cut the omelet in squares and fill with a savory stovetop filling of apples, raisins, and ham, then sprinkled with nuts.

The Ham & Cheese Breakfast Casserole That Saved Christmas!

It's not too late to save Christmas! No matter how many relatives and unexpected guests are sleeping on your couches (the spare bedrooms filled up long ago), you can have a gorgeous Christmas brunch tomorrow morning, thanks to this make-ahead Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole from the blog Foodie Crush. Here's the secret of this gooey, cheesy, Italian-like holiday strata, right from the blogger herself. On Christmas eve (that's NOW, by the way), the kids in her family would make this Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole by tearing up the bread, mixing the eggs, shredding the cheese, andread more

Greens, Eggs, and Ham Sandwich

Better Homes and Gardens

Eggs are easy to make when you don't have to flip them. Instead, when the whites are set, simply add a bit of water and cover the skillet until the yolks are done. Then serve them on this easy breakfast sandwich.

Total: 30 mins

Bacon, Ham and Egg Hash

Midwest Living

The bacon seasons the potatoes in this hearty skillet meal. Make it for a weekend breakfast, and serve with fresh fruit.

Total: 35 mins

Farmer's Breakfast

Midwest Living

This egg and potato skillet meal includes salami, mushrooms, and sweet peppers, making it a satisfying main dish for breakfast or dinner.

Total: 50 mins
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