Put some love and time into a homemade strudel, and you'll taste a breakfast or brunch pastry far beyond anything you'd pick up at the local bakery. When breakfast or brunch at your house looms, remember that you can make strudel dough ahead of time and freeze it for freshly baked pastries any time.

See Popular Strudel Recipes

Southwestern Strudel

Pace Salsa & Picante

This savory strudel features chicken, Colby Jack cheese, corn and picante sauce, rolled up in puff make a fabulous topper for mixed salad greens.

Total: 1 hr 30 mins

Apple Strudel Breakfast Bake


Pop-Tarts® Apple Strudel toaster pastries baked with eggs, sausage and cheese make a unique breakfast for weekend mornings.

Total: 3 hrs 30 mins

Easy Apple Strudel

Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry

When you pull this warm strudel from the oven, everyone will think it took hours to prepare. Not true, because this recipe uses puff pastry sheets and canned pie filling.

Total: 1 hr 45 mins

Apple Strudel

Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry

Your family will enjoy the homemade taste and old-fashioned goodness of this apple strudel made in half the time of the traditional version.

Total: 2 hrs 5 mins

Mushroom, Cheese, and Vegetable Strudel

Vegetarian Times

Newly available whole-wheat phyllo dough lends a wholesome, nutty taste and golden color to the finished strudel. Veganizing this recipe is a snap too--simply substitute vegan cream cheese and vegan Cheddar cheese.

Creamy Pumpkin Strudels

Better Homes and Gardens

Pumpkin and spices make this strudel a perfect dessert for fall.

Lamb and Goat Cheese Strudel

Better Homes and Gardens

A savory strudel is simplified with puff pastry. This easy dinner dish can be made ahead and frozen too.

Vegetable Strudel Filled with Spinach and Sweet Peppers

Better Homes and Gardens

This flaky pastry is studded with healthy vegetables, tomatoes, and cheese. Spraying the phyllo sheets with nonstick spray keeps the strudel flaky but low in fat.

Apple Strudel Bread

Better Homes and Gardens

The filling in this fruit-filled bread is similar to the filling for classic apple strudel.

Blackberry Strudel Cookies

Better Homes and Gardens

These fruity spirals are dusted with a sprinkling of powdered sugar while warm. Make the cookie recipe up to three days ahead of your next Christmas party.

Pear & Dried Cranberry Strudel


All across Wisconsin, Scandinavian and German bakeries start firing up with the onset of crisp, cool autumn days; the lines soon grow long for fresh fall-fruit pastries. For most of us, rich strudel wouldn't be an everyday affair. But with walnut oil (instead of copious amounts of butter) and fresh pears, it can, nevertheless, become a decadence-free indulgence, perfect for your next dinner party. Serve it with frozen nonfat vanilla yogurt or vanilla creme anglaise.

Total: 2 hrs

Salmon and Green Peppercorn Strudel

Better Homes and Gardens

Phyllo pockets, filled with salmon and served with brandy-cream sauce, are elegant to serve for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine's Day.

Cranberry and Orange Strudel

Better Homes and Gardens

Serve this flaky, fruit-filled pastry for dessert or set it out on a brunch buffet table.

Strudel Sticks

Better Homes and Gardens

Light puff pastry dough, rolled around cream cheese filling and sprinkled with nuts and sugar, are a light dessert or a sweet breakfast treat.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Strudel


Spring's best combo--strawberries and rhubarb--fill this simple strudel for two.

Total: 1 hr

Creamy Pumpkin Strudels

Better Homes and Gardens

Raspberry Strudel Croissants

Diabetic Living

Using phyllo dough instead of traditional croissant dough makes these raspberry-filled dessert pastries fat-free and low in calories. Just 35 calories each!

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