Danish Pastries

Danish, those lovely pastries that make every breakfast or brunch sweet, really did come from Denmark. Homemade Danish pastries are fun and delicious baking. From cheese and lemon classics to variations like blackberry and key lime, your Danish pastries will be breakfast or brunch legend in no time.

See Popular Danish Pastries Recipes

Plum Puff Dumplings

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For her elegant interpretation of fruit danish, Grace Parisi tosses wedges of big purple plums with sugar and cardamom, then pinches them into neat little puff pastry pockets, and bakes them.

Total: 45 mins

Pastry Cream Danish

Better Homes and Gardens

Yummy cream filling substitutes for the usual jam center, a secret to the goodness of these sweet breakfast pastries.

Apricot-Almond Breakfast Pastries

Better Homes and Gardens

Treat family and guests to the best bed and breakfast pastries in town. Filled with homemade almond-paste, cream cheese, and apricot glaze, these morning delights memorable treats for breakfast or brunch.

Cherry-Almond Danish

Better Homes and Gardens

Apple Cheese Danish

Better Homes and Gardens

Key Lime Danish Pastries

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Each tender sweet roll is filled with a luscious blend of cream cheese and lime.

Danish Aebleskiver

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Aebleskiver, round pancakes that resemble popovers, are baked on the stovetop in a special pan that has indented cups. Look for the pan in kitchen shops and specialty stores and catalogs. When making them, keep in mind that practice makes perfect.

Raspberry Danish Rosettes

Better Homes and Gardens

Puff Pastry Tarts

Better Homes and Gardens

These star-shaped tarts will brighten up your holiday dessert tray.

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