Breakfast and Brunch

Most of us hold a special place in our hearts for breakfast recipes- yes, dinner is nice, but starting the day with a plate piled high with salty bacon, tender scrambled eggs and buttermilk pancakes dripping with sweet maple syrup is somehow decadent. And brunch (if you can wait that long) is even better. (Breakfast plus lunch? Score.) But as much as we love the old standbys, there's something to be said for innovation: Try filling your French toast with raspberry jam, or a whip up a sausage and egg breakfast casserole instead of defaulting to poached. Whether it's a simple, healthy breakfast of granola with yogurt or a meat-lovers platter, be sure to include a cup of joe - you want to be awake to appreciate the bounty.

How to Make French Toast

Sometimes the simple things can seem the most indulgent. Such is the case with French toast--delectably battered and lightly fried slices of bread, dripping in maple syrup, served with a side of fresh fruit and a warm mug of coffee. It's the kind of meal that could just as well come from a fancy restaurant brunch, but can seem like even more of a treat when enjoyed in your own fuzzy slippers. Lucky for you, it's easy to learn how to make French toast.

How to Make Fruit Salad

It's been said that fresh fruit is nature's candy--and with good reason. Fruit is sweet and delicious, colorfully wrapped, and doesn't require much dressing up to become an elegant dessert. While pies, tarts and cobblers all have their place, to truly savor the natural flavors of strawberries, melon, grapes and other fresh-picked "candies," you need look no further than how to make fruit salad.

Total: 50 mins

Cranberry-Wheat Pancakes

Better Homes and Gardens

Orange peel packs plenty of flavor into these pancakes without adding a lot of fat or calories. A cranberry orange sauce doubles the tang.

Berry-Nut French Toast

Better Homes and Gardens

Crushed cereal makes a sweet and crunchy topping for this favorite breakfast.

Gluten-Free Cinnamon Crunch Cereal

Diabetic Living

Gluten-free cereals can get pricey. Save money by making your own crisy cinnamon flakes at home to enjoy as breakfast or a snack.

Easy Tortilla Casserole

Midwest Living
Total: 30 mins

Turkey-Asparagus Brunch Bake

Midwest Living

This recipe calls for ground turkey and makes a memorable brunch recipe that's been popular with Better Homes and Gardens readers for decades.

Cherry Berry Smoothie

Midwest Living
Total: 10 mins

Banana-Walnut Bread

Family Circle

Extra-ripe fruit makes for an extra-moist loaf. Ripen bananas on the countertop for about four days before preparing this quick bread recipe.


Better Homes and Gardens

Taste these fun toppings in the morning on a piece of toast or use them in a lunch sandwich for kids child to take to school.

Cherry-Pecan Spread

Better Homes and Gardens

Toasting the nuts will enhance the flavor of this Cherry-Pecan Spread. Use on muffins, toasted English muffins, toast, or bagels for a quick breakfast.

Total: 15 mins
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