Pumpernickel Bread

Hearty pumpernickel bread derives its dark color mostly from rye flour. These recipes vary the formula for pumpernickel bread to include surprises like molasses or sourdough starter.

Marbled Pumpernickel Rye

Family Circle

With swirls of dark pumpernickel and golden rye, this yeast bread makes eye-catching sandwiches.

Pumpernickel Rosettes

Diabetic Living

Dress up any dinner with a batch of homemade pumpernickel rolls. Freeze leftover rosettes so a bread side dish is never more than a few minutes of oven time away.

Three-Bread Salad


Try this classic Italian side dish with romaine lettuce and different toppers, such as crumbled bacon or dry-roasted sunflower seeds.

Total: 25 mins

Mini Reuben Melts

Better Homes and Gardens

Mushroom Stuffing

Family Circle

For some, the turkey plays second fiddle to the stuffing at Thanksgiving dinner. If one of those folks is at your table this year, treat them to this savory stuffing made with pumpernickel and French bread.

Easy Chicken Rarebit

Better Homes and Gardens

Cheddar cheese pasta sauce seasoned with Worcestershire makes the flavor of this main-dish recipe reminiscent of Welsh rarebit.

Make-it-Mine Egg Casserole

Better Homes and Gardens
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