Often served with roasted meat, the popover is an easy bread to make. Use these recipes to step up their flavor with cheese, spices, and herbs that help you tailor the perfect popover.

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Better Homes and Gardens

Like their close cousin, Yorkshire pudding, puffy crisp popovers, with moist tender centers, are tasty complements to serve with roast beef, lamb, and pork.

Tyler's Popovers

Better Homes and Gardens

Whole Wheat Popovers with Shallots

Better Homes and Gardens

These popovers contain just enough shallots to lend flavor but not enough to weigh down the batter. Too many solids will prevent popovers from "popping."

Total: 1 hr 15 mins

Mini Chive Popovers

Ladies' Home Journal

These savory herb popovers make a fun side dish for soups or salads.

Total: 55 mins

Spiced Breakfast Popovers

Diabetic Living

Sweet and sensational, the strawberries in one serving of this luscious breakfast supply 75 percent of your vitamin C needs for the day.

Bacon Popovers

Better Homes and Gardens

Eager to know what makes popovers pop? It's the steam that forms as they bake at high temperature.

Apple Dutch Babies

Ladies' Home Journal

These giant popovers, filled with caramelized apples, make a fun dessert for entertaining.

Herb and Asiago Popovers

Family Circle

Quick Breads to the Rescue for Time-Saving Meals

Millions of years ago, my younger sister and I went to a summer camp that began running out of money in mid-July. "Don't let the kids eat so fast," we overheard the camp director scold the head of the dining hall. "They should fill up on bread before you put out the real food!"

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