Mini Muffins

To avoid the leftover batter dilemma, make recipes geared to the mini muffin pan. These easy mini muffin recipes show their taste and versatility in chocolate, blueberry, and banana-walnut varieties.

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    Mini Muffins Articles
    8 Warm, Sweet & Healthy Muffins: Chase the Winter Blahs Away!
    ...'Tis the season for healthy muffin recipes! Huh? What with all the cookies, cakes and myriad other... healthy New Year's resolutions. Hence: 'tis the season for healthy muffin recipes! You know, muffins can.... Lemon-Raspberry Muffins Speaking of chasing the winter blues away: we just have to give thanks... read more...
    Whole Grain Banana Muffins: A Kid and Adult-Friendly Snack
    ... occasion. I baked up the batch of muffins in a mini muffin tin, so that they are sized for my toddler... Muesli Bars are my current favorite) and healthy banana muffins on hand. Plus, this stash makes it easier... bananas each week in the hopes that there will be some ripe ones left to make banana muffins. Last week, I... read more...
    Banana Millet Muffins: A New Way to Enjoy a Classic Recipe
    ... this recipe for Banana Millet Muffins. We make muffins all the time, but adding millet to baked goods is something that I...'ve only just gotten interested in. Click here to get the Banana Millet Muffins recipe Now, don't start...--just fold it right into the batter. It is a great addition to quick breads, pancakes, and of course, muffins... read more...
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