Cranberry Muffins

A hint of orange zest elevates the flavor of cranberry muffins. Or try one of the many variations for cranberry muffins in this comprehensive recipe collection. The deep red color adds to their appeal for Thanksgiving feasts and Christmas buffets.

See Popular Cranberry Muffins Recipes

Cranberry Walnut Muffins

Better Homes and Gardens

Try this delicious breakfast muffin recipe with dried cranberries, rolled oats, and walnuts.

Cranberry Cornbread Muffins

Warm up any morning with a sweet Cranberry Cornbread Muffin. The fall flavors blend perfectly--and only get amplified when topped with honey butter!

Cran-Banana Bread

Midwest Living

Bananas and oats blend with a box of cranberry quick-bread mix for this recipe. Serve this moist bread warm or cold at breakfast.

Cranberry-Cornmeal Muffins

Better Homes and Gardens

Stir cranberries and walnuts into corn muffin batter to make a warm autumn bread for a cool fall afternoon.

Cranberry-Orange Wild Rice Muffins

Midwest Living

These tart-sweet muffins are low in sugar and rich in whole grains, which makes them a perfect grab-and-go option for busy weeekday mornings. (Bonus: They are equally delicious alongside holiday roasts!)

Cranberry-Peanut Butter Bread

Better Homes and Gardens

Mix up this simple whole wheat dough and let your bread maker do the rest.

Cranberry Muffins

Better Homes and Gardens

Uber-Berry Muffins

Better Homes and Gardens

What makes these muffins uber-berry? A full cup of fresh and a half cup of dried fruit mixed into each dozen!

Twisted Cranberry Bread for 18

Better Homes and Gardens

While the bread machine mixes, kneads, and lets the dough rise, you can stir up the cranberry filling--and put out holiday decorations.

Brighten Your Morning With These Orange, Ginger, and Cranberry Muffins

Start your day off right with these fresh and flavorful orange, ginger, and cranberry muffins.

Badger State Muffins

Midwest Living

This spiced muffin is packed with apples, cranberries, carrots, and nuts. Try one for breakfast or a snack.

Cranberry Muffins


Dried cranberries look like raisins and they pack a lot of tart, sweet cranberry flavor. If you want, substitute chopped dried cherries for the cranberries.

Total: 50 mins

Harvest Bran Muffins


Carrots, cranberries, nuts, and dried apple are added to a bran muffin mix to make a healthy breakfast or snack treats.

Total: 35 mins

How to Make Cranberry Sauce

It's almost impossible to think of a Thanksgiving feast without cranberry sauce. The turkey, potatoes, gravy and all the other side dishes are important, but cranberry sauce is the finishing touch. Sure, the kind from a can will do in a pinch, but homemade is far better, and you don't have to be an expert chef to learn how to make cranberry sauce from scratch.

8 Warm, Sweet & Healthy Muffins: Chase the Winter Blahs Away!

'Tis the season for healthy muffin recipes!What with all the cookies, cakes and myriad other goodies we churned out during the holiday season (then promptly ate), we've been taking a much-needed break from baking. But once we've rested up, the January kitchen starts to feel kinda ...

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