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Carrot Muffins

Carrot muffins top the list of breakfast favorites. From fast and easy carrot muffins to morning-glory-style muffins studded with carrots, pineapple, and nuts, these recipes are winners.

Morning Glory Muffins

Better Homes and Gardens

Muffins studded with carrots, apples, raisins, and pineapple make for a healthy breakfast.

Carrot 'N' Spice Bran Muffins

Better Homes and Gardens

Start your morning off sweet with these fruit-and-vegetable-packed bran muffins.

Raisin-Carrot Muffins

Diabetic Living

Wheat germ and carrots add to the fiber for these diabetic-friendly muffins. Serve them for breakfast or brunch.

Carrot-Zucchini Muffins

Family Circle

Add a basket of these cinnamon-spiced mini muffins to a brunch buffet. Or, bake the whole wheat muffin batter into six jumbo muffins.

Badger State Muffins

Midwest Living

This spiced muffin is packed with apples, cranberries, carrots, and nuts. Try one for breakfast or a snack.

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