Monkey Bread

Part cinnamon roll, part pastry, the sweet confection known as monkey bread is a breeze to make. Here are endless recipe variations on the theme, but they all pull apart monkey bread-style.

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Monkey Bread

Martha Stewart

Making monkey bread lets kids do what they do best--play with their food while they create something yummy.

How to Make Monkey Bread

Learning how to make monkey bread will give you an alternative to cinnamon rolls the next time you're looking for a home-baked breakfast.

How to Make Monkey Bread

Learning how to make monkey bread is an easy way to introduce kids to the fun of baking. This delicious cinnamon, pull-apart treat will have them begging to help you bake!

Monkey Bread

Better Homes and Gardens

Make this yummy pull-apart bread recipe with kids to introduce them to the fun of baking. Bake the sweet treat in muffin cups or a tube pan.

McCormick® Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread


This recipe, also known as Monkey Bread, is so delectable that everyone will be clamoring for seconds.

Total: 45 mins

Monkey Bread Rolls

Better Homes and Gardens

Creating this ooey, gooey favorite is super quick when you start with frozen cinnamon roll dough. A mixture of butter, brown sugar, and pecan adds a decadent touch.

Go Bananas for Banana Bread!

The great thing about bananas is that right off the tree, they're a lot like the best kinds of quick bread: moist, substantial, sweet. They've been around forever (they were cultivated by cavemen in southeast Asia) and come in an endless variety (there are even pink ones -- who is going to bring me the pink banana? Who??)

Gluten-Free Game-Day Snacking

We're having some friends over for our Super Bowl bash this year who have a gluten-free diet, so we've felt rather compelled to try out every gluten-free snack in the store. My kids are both very familiar with the gluten-free aisle in the store--not because they have problems with gluten but because they're crazy for Enviro Kids products. My daughter can't get enough of the "monkey cereal" which is actually called Gorilla Munch and tastes a lot like Kix. My son is mad for the Cheetah Berry Bars which are kind of like granola bars. As we stood in the aisle, chopping on a hastily opened box of Gorilla Munch, my son piled "snacks to try" into our cart while my daughter yelled "dat one."

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