Apple Fritters

Most apple fritters are deep-fried. These easy recipes offer baked- and pan-fried apple fritter versions using sliced apple rings or batter laced with chopped apples.

See Popular Apple Fritters Recipes

Apple Fritter Rings

Martha Stewart

Yes, you can make your own fritters at home! Once you master the frying method, you'll be prepared to tackle any doughnut recipe.

Autumn Apple Fritters

Better Homes and Gardens

Tart apples and a lemony batter add a tasty tang to these fun fall fritters--great for snacks or a quick dessert.

Total: 30 mins

Apple Cider Doughnuts

Better Homes and Gardens

An apple pie spice glaze is drizzled on these homemade doughnuts right before serving. Set these out at breakfast or brunch and watch them disappear.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Sides -- to Make the Turkey Blush!

Thanksgiving is a time when vegetarians may get homesick for their old ways. When a holiday revolves around one meal, and that meal revolves around something you can't eat, you can be forgiven for becoming a little melancholy. And a drab little slice of Tofurky isn't the answer.

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