French Bread

French bread is fashionable in every shape and form, from crusty, thin baguettes to soft, expansive loaves of Provencal fougasse. These easy recipes demystify the process of baking French bread and will have tasters crowing "Merci beaucoup!"

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Goat Cheese Mousse with Red-Wine Caramel

Food & Wine

This crostini from Karen Small at the Flying Fig in Cleveland, topped with goat cheese mousse, red-wine caramel, and strawberry compote, is a delightful example of a dish that combines sweet and savory. Each component can be used in a variety of sweet and savory ways: The caramel, for instance, is great drizzled over pecorino cheese or vanilla ice cream.

Total: 1 hr 30 mins

How to Make French Bread

Learn how to make french bread and your kitchen will smell like a lovely corner bakery. There are few things better than breaking warm, fresh bread at dinner time.

How to Make French Bread

There are few smells better than that of freshly baked bread, and knowing how to make French bread will cause your kitchen to smell just like the bakery down the street.

Ranch Artichoke Spread

Hidden Valley®
Total: 45 mins

Pizza Burgers

Better Homes and Gardens

The best flavors of pizza are all wrapped up in this grilled pork burger recipe.

Total: 1 hr

Jack Cheese and Smoky Chipotle Fondue

Midwest Living

Red sweet peppers and green onions add color to this smoky cheese dip. Serve it as an appetizer with bread cubes or tortilla chips.

Go-Nutty Grilled Cheese

Midwest Living

Caramel ice cream topping, pecans, and cinnamon make a sweet sauce for a wedge of Havarti cheese in this recipe. Serve with fresh fruit and bread for dessert or a sweet appetizer.

Michigan Muffuletta

Midwest Living

Ham, salami, and cheese are layered with a homemade relish to make these hearty main-dish sandwiches.

Honeyed Brioche

Family Circle

Mile-High Sub

Midwest Living

Sandwich lovers swear by this towering combination of roast beef, ham, Genoa salami, dill pickle, and Swiss cheese. Make it for friends on game night.

Total: 15 mins

Braised Cabbage with Spicy Croutons

Better Homes and Gardens

French Bread

Better Homes and Gardens

Baguettes are a long, thin version of French bread, providing more crunchy crust per bite. Use this bread in a sandwich or as the base for crostini.

White Chocolate Bread Pudding with Hard Sauce

Midwest Living

This sophisticated dessert pudding, speckled with bright red dried cherries, is finished off with a buttery whiskey sauce.

Garlic-Herbed Bread

Better Homes and Gardens

Here's the classic recipe you enjoyed as a child, updated with fresh garlic, parsley, and kosher salt. Look for a plump baguette that is soft and easy to pull apart.

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