Biscuits and Scones

The biscuit may seem like a Southern invention, but the flaky phenomenon extends to nearly every part of the country. From buttermilk to angel to sweet potato, these easy recipes help you bake out-of-this-world biscuits.

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Quick Onion Loaf

Betty Crocker

From Betty's Soul Food Collection... Biscuits on the side are a must, so let's zip 'em up with sauteed fresh onions and a dash of garlic for extraordinary flavor--and a grand presentation.

Total: 1 hr 20 mins

Savory Cheese Scones

Midwest Living

Basic Anytime Biscuits

Better Homes and Gardens

Kids can help make and form these simple biscuits. They go well with soup, salad, or a casserole.

Cheddar-Chive-Cream Biscuits

Ladies' Home Journal

Not only are herb and cheese biscuits fantastic with a ham dinner, they pair well with soups and salads too.

Total: 40 mins

Glazed Raisin-Cinnamon Biscuits

Betty Crocker

From Betty's Soul Food Collection... Mmm! Bake up a wonderful aroma and taste with sweet and cinnamony biscuits.

Total: 25 mins

Rosemary Biscuits

Midwest Living

Cheddar-Basil Mini Scones

Midwest Living

Give your scones a south-of-the-border twist by subbing pepper Jack for the cheddar and fresh cilantro for the basil.

Cheese-Garlic Biscuits (Cooking for 2)

Betty Crocker

Bisquick Heart Smart® recipe! Mmm! Warm and cheesy biscuits are a snap to make.

Total: 20 mins

Pepper Biscuit Pull-Apart

Betty Crocker

From Betty's Soul Food Collection... Mamma Mia! This extra-special snack is a little bit like a pizza, a little bit like Italian garlic bread, and a whole lot like a family favorite in the making.

Total: 35 mins

Wake-Up Scones

Midwest Living

Cherry Cobbler with Corn Bread Biscuits

Better Homes and Gardens

No oven needed. This dessert cooks entirely in the saucepan. Simply drop biscuit dough on top of the bubbly cherry filling and simmer. That's easy!

Total: 35 mins

Tuna with Cheese-Garlic Biscuits

Betty Crocker

Put a homespun meal in the oven in 15 minutes. The Bisquick® mix and other ingredients are probably all in your cupboard.

Total: 50 mins

Chicken and Biscuits


Your family will love this slow cooker recipe version of chicken and cheesy biscuits. The red potatoes, carrots, celery, and peas in the sauce make it a complete meal.

Cream Biscuits with Dill

Food & Wine

"Biscuits are like pie crusts in that we assign magical powers to people who can make really good ones," Amber Huffman says. Her grandmother Mimi got her hooked on cream biscuits, which substitute cream for butter, eliminating the tricky step of cutting fat into flour. "They're less fussy, and you can make them in two seconds," Huffman says. "I wish there were a pie crust equivalent."

Total: 35 mins
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