Beer Bread

Become a baker extraordinaire with beer bread that requires no baking experience. Stir in a favorite bottle of beer, plus ingredients to make any easy variations, and your beer bread will win raves.

Dill and Cheese Beer Bread

Better Homes and Gardens

You don't have to be an experienced bread baker to make this savory loaf. It's as simple as stirring and baking!

Caraway-Beer Bread

Family Circle

Bake this savory quick bread while soup or stew simmers on the stovetop. The beer and caraway seeds send an appetizing aroma through your kitchen, enticing your family to come to the dinner table.

Wisconsin Cheddar Beer Bread

Family Circle

Sausage, beer and cheddar cheese mix it up in these hearty loaves. They're sure to be a hit with the football crowd whether you're tailgating or hosting a Super Bowl party.

Roasted Garlic and Stout Bread

Better Homes and Gardens

This bread has beginnings as a beer-based sourdough starter. Baked, the bread pairs well with chili and hearty beef or pork stews.

Smoked Cheddar Loaf for 22

Better Homes and Gardens

Smoked cheddar cheese imparts the best flavor in this rich, moist bread. Also, use light-colored rather than dark beer.

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