Shaped by hand and baked or boiled, bagels are a favorite mainstream munchie. From sesame seed to whole grain to blueberry flavors, these easy recipes for bagels require minimum effort and yield maximum flavor.

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    Bagels Articles
    Toasty Kids Breakfast: Bundled Up Bagel
    ...'ll Need: 1 bagel cream cheese (regular and strawberry) 2 blueberries 1 marshmallow To Make Bundled Up... Bagel: Generously spread cream cheese on one side of the bagel. Cut the other side of the bagel... read more...
    Squeal-Worthy Kids Breakfast: Little Piggy Bagel
    ... little pig that will make your littles squueeeel!!! Bagels, cream cheese and strawberries -- what...'s not to love? What You'll Need: bagel strawberry cream cheese strawberries banana slice To Make Little Piggy... Bagel: Spread cream cheese on one bagel half, covering the center hole. Cut the other bagel half... read more...
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    by Diabetic Living
    Bagel, Lox, and Egg Strata
    by Better Homes and Gardens
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    by Better Homes and Gardens
    Bagels (Bread Machine)
    by Better Homes and Gardens
    by Better Homes and Gardens
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