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Bread Machine

A bread machine is a busy cook's best friend: Measure, pour, turn on - and your favorite bread (or new experiment) does all the leavening, pounding down, and baking on its own. Pull these recipes created just for bread machines, and serve your favorite hot loaves for dinner every night.

Raisin-Walnut Rolls

Family Circle

Smoked Almond Curry Bread

Better Homes and Gardens

Prepare the dough in 15 minutes, then place it in a bread machine to make this flavorful and easy loaf.

Pumpkin Pecan Bread (Bread Machine)

Better Homes and Gardens

Have all the favorite flavors of pumpkin pie baked into a moist yeast bread.

Pepper Breadsticks

Better Homes and Gardens

The dough for these sesame-topped breadsticks is made in a bread machine.

Bagels (Bread Machine)

Better Homes and Gardens

Make bagels at home! Discover how to get that distinctive chewy texture by boiling before baking.

Greek Bread for 24

Better Homes and Gardens

Key Greek flavors--piquant kalamata olives, tangy feta cheese, and a touch of rosemary--reinvent a moist, high-rising country bread.

Cherry Christmas Coffee Bread for 16

Better Homes and Gardens

Shape strips of cinnamon-filled bread dough into an edible Christmas tree. Trim with candied green and red cherries for the ornaments.

Rustic Italian Bread (Bread Machine)

Better Homes and Gardens

For an interesting shape, place dough ball in a well-floured woven basket or wooden bowl. Let rise, then invert onto prepared baking sheet and bake as directed.

Tapenade Loaf

Better Homes and Gardens

Tapenade is a condiment of olives and sweet peppers. Make a batch at home or buy it in the condiment section of grocery stores to make this bread machine recipe.

Pesto Sourdough Loaf

Better Homes and Gardens

Pesto and Parmesan pair flavorfully in this sourdough bread.

Panettone Bread (Bread Machine)

Better Homes and Gardens

Made in a bread machine, this fruit-studded sweet bread remains Italian, even with American ease in baking. It's easy to make and fun to serve.

Pepper Cheese Breadsticks

Better Homes and Gardens

Serve these spicy cheese breadsticks with bowls of chili. For milder tastes, substitute Monterey Jack cheese for the pepper cheese.

Festive Fruit-and-Nut Panettone

Better Homes and Gardens

Originating from Milan, Italy, panettone (pahn-EHT-toh-nee) is served during Christmastime and other special occasions. Rich and wonderful, the fruit-and-nut filled bread is served for breakfast or dessert.

Roasted Pepper Pizza Appetizers (Bread Machine)

Better Homes and Gardens

Use red, green, and yellow sweet peppers for this colorful appetizer.

Sweet Potato Onion Bread for 16

Better Homes and Gardens

Don't be surprised by the surprise ingredient in this bread machine recipe. A jar of sweet potato baby food lends convenience and a wonderful flavor to this moist loaf.

Poppy Seed Tea Bread for 22

Better Homes and Gardens

Sour cream adds richness, lemon peel supplies flavor, and poppy seeds lend a bit of crunchy texture. Sliced thin and cut into decorative shapes, this bread could even be served at high tea.

Spiral Cheese Rolls

Better Homes and Gardens

These rolls, sweet from honey-nut cream cheese and savory from thyme, pair well with soups and salads.

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