Baked Beef Ribs

Slathered with sauce and cooked with care, baked beef ribs can be as tasty as those from the grill. From short ribs to spare ribs, these easy recipes for baked beef ribs go great with a side of coleslaw and potatoes.

See Popular Baked Beef Ribs Recipes

Moroccan-Style Short Ribs

Better Homes and Gardens

Quickly prep the beef ribs and then let them slow bake so the ribs become super tender.

Grilled Beef Ribs

Check out our recipes for grilled beef rib ideas!

Braised Beef Short Ribs

Delicious is on the menu with this recipe for braised beef short ribs. Our tips will keep the meat tender and the crowd happy.

How to Make Grilled Texas-Style Beef Ribs

Everything is bigger in Texas and these texas style beef ribs are made for a big appetite. The slightly sweet sauce gives a twist to these ribs.

How to Grill Ribs

For a barbecue feast you won't soon forget, take on the challenge of learning how to grill ribs. It's no wonder grilled ribs are a cookout favorite--slow-cooked and slathered in your favorite barbecue sauce, the meat is so tender it practically falls right off the bone and is, as they say, finger-licking good. While beef and pork ribs are the most common choices, lamb and venison ribs cook up deliciously, as well.

Loaded Twice-Baked Potatoes with Broccoli, Cheese, and Ground Beef

Loaded twice-baked potatoes, studded with ground beef, crisp-tender broccoli, and scallions makes for a simple supper that the whole family will love.

Rib Recipes: Lip-Smackin', Finger-Lickin' & Outrageously Good

When it comes to making people happy, you can't do much better than than a platter of pork ribs. There's something uniquely satisfying about the tender, flavorful meat, carefully plucked from the bone. Whether you like your ribs with a dry rub or a sticky sauce, baked or grilled, we've got the recipe for you.

How to Grill Pork Ribs

In the mood for some crispy, tangy, pork ribs for supper but don't exactly know how to grill pork ribs? Here's an easy and wildly delicious recipe.

A Taste of Ireland: Heartwarming Irish Recipes

Celebrate your Celtic roots (everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day!) by discovering a bevy of Irish recipes.

Fabulous Freezer Meals: 14 Meals to Feed a Family of Four

Stock your freezer with make-ahead meals that reheat easily and you'll never scramble to get dinner on the table for your family again.

Holiday Roasts: Know Your Label Lingo

Holidays used to be called "feast days," and feast days meant one thing: large cuts of juicy meat to carve and share. Whether for formal holiday feasts or casual open-house buffets, roasts are still stunning centerpieces for festive gatherings. Given how crowd-pleasing they are, roasts are also remarkably easy to cook. Not every cut of meat responds equally well to the dry heat of classic roasting, however, so check out the list below for descriptions of -- and tips for -- popular celebratory beef and pork roasts. And to school yourself even more, check out these other "Know Your Labelread more

Spareribs Spike Up Your Super Bowl Party

A few years ago, I was a judge at a ribs contest in Cleveland. (Did you know that Cleveland was the sparerib capital of the world? Well, it isn't.) "Just nibble," the officials told us sternly. "Don't eat a whole rib, or you won't get through all of them." I blithely ignored these instructions. Twenty ribs later, I was 100% full, and I still had 22 ribs ahead of me. What had started out as fun became a test of endurance. What had started out as a romp became a walk, and then a trudge, and then a full-out more

Perfect Grilled Ribs: What's the Secret?

I know my ribs. And my BBQ. Those who have read my "works," or at least some members of my family, already know that I was once a judge at a rib contest in Cleveland. Although Cleveland is not generally thought of as the rib capital of the world, a pack of great barbecue chefs showed up for the event, and I ended up eating 42 ribs. Not just tasting them, the way you're supposed to do so you don't fill up too fast. Eating them all up. I was sorry at the time, but now I wish I'd eatenread more

How to Make Individual Beef Wellington

Make this indulging British classic entr??e and pour a bit of our red wine gravy on top for a perfect individual beef wellington meal.

Easy Baked Potatoes with All the Trimmings

Like the best actors, baked potatoes are versatile enough to fill almost any role, at mealtime, that is. They make a great main dish or side, they taste terrific with nothing but butter toppings such as sour cream and chives, and -- last but not least -- they satisfy both vegetarian and meat-lover (although skip the bacon bits in the former case). We like to let baked potatoes star at the centerpiece of a meal. Loaded Southwestern Baked Potatoes, for example, are filled with salsa, sour cream, and cheddar -- enough extra stuff to let them be a mainread more

What a Crock! 6 Delish Baked Bean Recipes, from Fast to Slow

If television commercials are to be believed, a pot of baked beans is so magical it can make a dog talk. While we know that's pretty unlikely (to say the least), we will agree that baked beans are delicious enough to make just about any summertime gathering that involves, say, a grill or a picnic even better. A staple of cookouts ever since cowboys cooked them over campfires, baked beans are a must-have at summer barbecues.

Top 20 Easiest Ever Slow-Cooker Recipes: Turn It On!

This Thanksgiving, let's all be grateful for the inventor of the slow cooker. Because after the marathon of cooking required to create a Thanksgiving feast, an easy slow-cooker meal is the greatest gift of all. In fact, stress-free slow-cooker recipes are ideal throughout the holiday season. Between decorating, shopping, baking and traveling, most of us need a break in the kitchen. And nothing's easier than tossing a few ingredients into your slow-cooker, turning a knob and ending up with a complete meal come dinnertime. Our favorite easy slow-cooker recipes fulfill three necessary requirements: they're supremely simple (15 minutesread more

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