Ground Beef Crockpot

Friends and family will enjoy crockpot ground beef recipes. You'll love the convenience of these easy recipes, including classic standbys such as crockpot ground beef spaghetti and sloppy joes.

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How to Cook Ground Beef

If you know how to cook ground beef, you can serve up a healthy one-dish meal any day of the week. Ground beef became popular as a way to make scraps of fatty beef salable. Originally the meat was chopped finely or minced, but by 1902 butchers were simply running it through the meat grinder twice along with spices and onion, and selling the resulting ground beef as "hamburger." Today ground beef is used in all sorts of dishes, from meatloaf to tacos, and Americans consume approximately 13 billion hamburgers a year.

Zesty Beef Medley

Better Homes and Gardens

Leftovers from this hearty ground beef and bean fiesta create a satisfying bowl of Southwestern-style soup for another meal.

Our Best Ground Beef Recipes

Get our best ground beef recipes into one unique collection. From juicy hamburgers to hearty casseroles, we've got the recipe you're sure to enjoy.

Cincinnati Chili

Better Homes and Gardens

Italian Sausage Heros

Better Homes and Gardens

In-Your-Sleep Chili

Better Homes and Gardens

Ground Beef Recall for Possible Salmonella

Cargill Meat Solutions has issued an immediate recall of almost 30,000 pounds of ground beef on fears that it might be contaminated with salmonella enteritidis. According to a CNN report, the Food Safety and Inspection Service, an arm of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, became aware of the potential problem during an ongoing investigation of an outbreak involving 33 patients in seven Northeast states, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Got Ground Beef? 10 Great Weeknight Casseroles

Every home cook knows it's wise to have a pound of ground beef at the ready. As a dinner ingredient, it's endlessly versatile--great for quick burgers, as the base for chili, or (drum roll, please) in a casserole. Yes, we love our ground-beef casseroles, and for good reason.

Italian Wedding Soup with Spinach

Better Homes and Gardens

Pizza in a Pot

Better Homes and Gardens

Tex-Mex Mac and Cheese

Better Homes and Gardens

Pesto Meatball Stew

Better Homes and Gardens

Southwest Fiesta Soup

Better Homes and Gardens

Set the heat level to mild, medium, or hot by adjusting the type of salsa you use. This slow-cooker dinner couldn't be easier to make.

Saucy Ground Beef and Noodles: 30-Minute Meal

It's winter. We need hearty fare, like Saucy Ground Beef and Noodles, the kind of casserole that will leave everybody at the table with a warm glow after experiencing such a satisfying meal. But can you accomplish that without having to spend all day in the kitchen. Yes, because our Saucy Ground Beef and Noodles takes only 30 minutes from start to finish. And what do you get? Not some sling-it-on-the-table hash that nobody's going to like but a delicious crowd-pleasing casserole made with lean ground beef, onion and bell peppers, and a tomato-laden sauce or simple more

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