Sushi is not simply raw fish. In fact, sushi might not even have any seafood in it. Sushi refers more to the vinegar rice and whatever ingredients might top it. The next time you're craving Asian food, try California Sushi Rolls, Sushi Meshi, or Crab and Vegetable Roll-Ups as part of your next Asian meal.

California Rolls


Make your own takeout! Each dinner can customize his or her own sushi roll with different vegetables, fish and seeds when you DIY.

Turkey -Vegetable "Sushi"

Diabetic Living

Top roasted turkey with vegetables and herbs, then roll and slice for a high-protein and low-calorie snack.

California Sushi Rolls

Better Homes and Gardens

Roll your own low-fat sushi with a combination of fillings. Finish it off by dipping in a ginger-based sauce.

Total: 30 mins
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