Sushi is not simply raw fish. In fact, sushi might not even have any seafood in it. Sushi refers more to the vinegar rice and whatever ingredients might top it. The next time you're craving Asian food, try California Sushi Rolls, Sushi Meshi, or Crab and Vegetable Roll-Ups as part of your next Asian meal.

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California Rolls

Fine Cooking Magazine

The California roll is an example of an "inside-out" sushi roll, where the rice is on the outside.

Barbeque Sushi


A twist on an restaurant favorite.

Total: 6 hrs

Maki Garden Rolls

Vegetarian Times

If you don't have a sushi mat, wax paper or a clean kitchen towel works too.

10 Sensational Sushi Dinner Recipes You Can DIY

Just in time for International Sushi Day on June 18, 10 bloggers share tasty and surprisingly easy sushi recipes that will help you master this DIY dinner.

Nigiri Sushi with Avocado, Cucumber, and Shiso Leaves

Vegetarian Times

Nigiri sushi is shaped into ovals of rice with the "filling" on top. If you can't find shiso leaves, substitute fresh basil.

Easy & Healthy California Sushi Rolls: Make the Takeout

Hello, folks. Today we are going to make California Sushi Rolls. DO NOT run away. This will be fun. And it will easy -- as in "only 30 minutes" easy. Admit it. When seated at the counter of your favorite Japanese restaurant, you've always wanted to know how the sushi chef does it. Lots of skill required. True, becoming a sushi "artist" takes years of practice. But a simple sushi roll like this one. Hey, we can do that. (Click here for great Japanese noodle dishes and here for easy recipes for healthy Japanese chicken.) There are reallyread more

California Sushi Rolls

Better Homes and Gardens

Roll your own low-fat sushi with a combination of fillings. Finish it off by dipping in a ginger-based sauce.

Total: 30 mins

What is Nori??Counter Intelligence

Nori is paper-thin sheets of dried seaweed, common in Japanese cuisine, particularly nori-maki rolls. Nori has a sweet ocean/briny taste, and is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Dating Across America: Love Blooms over Beer in Austin, Tapas in Boston

Mexican? Italian? Sushi? Steak? Or do you just skip the food all together and head straight for coffee or cocktails? As it turns out, what you eat and drink when you're on a date might just depend on what city you live in. The dating site One Million Dates has a new feature that shows what prospective lovebirds across the country are noshing on via a cool interactive map, reports Esquire. Like, who knew that drinking daters in Portland, Ore., are 10 times more likely to sip on vodka while out on the town than average? Inread more

10 Things You Didn't Know About...Cooking Rice

It's hard to wax poetic about rice; it's far easier to gush about all the things we love to eat rice in, from those sticky little grains that hug our sushi tight to the golden basmati bed upon which rests our curried biryani, from the creamy comfort of Italian risotto to the pugnacious kick of a good jambalaya. It's the filler, the stalwart staple, the perpetual sidekick, like that character actor you've seen in dozens of movies who never takes the lead. More than once in our kitchen, long after the main course has been set simmering, one or the other of us will exclaim, "Oh, we forgot to put on the rice!"

Seafood Shocker: New Investigation Finds Massive "Fish Fraud"

"Red snapper," "wild-caught Alaskan salmon," "yellowfin tuna" -- isn't it nice that so many of the fish we love to eat also come with deliciously appetizing names? That's no coincidence, according to a recent report by the environmental advocacy group Oceana. The group conducted a two-year investigation of seafood sold across the United States, sending more than 1,200 samples to a special genetics lab for DNA testing. The results? Shocking. Fully one-third of the samples analyzed were not the fish they were labeled to be, based on the guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration. And, as theread more

Gotcha! 8 Sneaky April Fool's Desserts

The kitchen isn't probably the first place you'd think to cook up an April Fool's gag, which is why it's perfect: no one will suspect a thing. While April Fool's jokes have the potential to leave a decidedly bitter aftertaste (at least when it comes to their intended target), there's no reason you can't have a little fun on the sweet side. An "egg" sunny side up and a couple pieces of "toast" are actually melted marshmallow, frosting and sliced pound cake.

Peanut Butter Allergies Conquered?

When our 4-year-old was told she couldn't bring her beloved peanut butter sandwich to school in her brand new Hello Kitty lunchbox, she promptly burst into tears. And, honestly? Mama felt a little misty-eyed, too.

Fave Recipes Now in X-small: Food News

Little things, like cupcakes (click here for fun Halloween cupcake recipes) are so darn cute. So are kittens and babies. And the Fiat 500.

Hot Spots for Foodie Vacations

Cooking classes, bike tours and farm stays are something to chew on as you plan your next foodie vacation.

10 Crazy Cute & Tasty Birthday Party Treats for Kids

Kids' birthday parties can be as simple as a few friends at a sleepover, or as elaborate as a destination party with 20 classmates. But either way, the treats you serve have to be something special (after all, you only turn six...or seven...or ten once in your life, right?), and nothing says "special" like homemade. To sweeten the deal (pun intended) for homemade birthday party goodies, we're giving you ten festive ideas, each of which takes less than an hour to prepare. From sweet treats such as chocolate-covered pretzel rods that are perfect for goodie bags to munchies likeread more

New Mega Buffet to Hit Vegas Strip (and We Mean Mega)

All-you-can-eat buffets are nothing new in Vegas, no more than aging pop stars and showgirls. And while we can't confirm that they were responsible for the, um, portly silhouette of Elvis during the "Vegas years," we're pretty sure the new Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace is destined to go down as one of the seven wonders of the (culinary) world. If an unlikely metropolis built in the middle of a desert can manage to replicate everything from the Big Apple to the canals of Venice, then surely it wasn't too long before someone tried to squeeze a good number of the world's major cuisines under one roof.

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