Japanese Cuisine

Japanese food enjoys a fair amount of popularity in the U.S. But with so many great recipes to choose from, be sure you're not leaving out a Japanese dish that could become your favorite.

Sake Martinis

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Stuff olives with ginger to add a tasty embellishment to this easy drink. This cocktail recipe makes a generous 2/3-cup serving.

Total: 10 mins

California Rolls


Make your own takeout! Each dinner can customize his or her own sushi roll with different vegetables, fish and seeds when you DIY.

Saltysweet Grilling Sauce

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Fried Tofu and Watercress Salad

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Tofu, with crisp, crunchy coating tops this medley of greens for a main dish vegetarian salad.

Total: 30 mins

Chicken Edamame Chowder

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Edamame, the edible soybean, is a tasty source of protein. It's widely available everywhere from your local produce aisle to the appetizer section of trendy restaurants. It is also seen here, as a unique addition to this slow cooker chicken chowder.

Sesame Soba and Steak

Family Circle

The tahini and sesame dressing is what makes this steak and soba noodle bowl stand out from the pasta pack.

Sesame Crab and Brown Rice Cakes

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Chicken with Long Beans and Walnuts

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Walnuts add additional crunch to this Asian-style stir-fry.


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Tofu, Asian vegetables and cellophane noodles are the key ingredients in this healthy version of a classic Japanese dish.

Easy Moo-Shu-Style Pork

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Use coleslaw mix for the vegetables and tortillas for the Mandarin pancakes, and you have a simplified version of traditional mu shu pork.

Total: 20 mins

Rice Noodles with Shrimp

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This recipe makes four noodle bowls of large shrimp, red sweet pepper, and fresh snow pea pods flavored with either purchased or homemade Green Curry Paste.

Total: 35 mins

Pork and Edamame Soup

Better Homes and Gardens

Enjoy this Asian-influenced soup with good taste and good nutrition in mind--the edamame (green soybeans)--are a great source of soy. Use the slow cooker for added convenience.

Miso Soup

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Soup is served with most meals in Japan. Simple, subtly flavored, and satisfying, clear dashi-base broths* or soups thickened with miso, a fermented bean paste, top the list of favorites.

Total: 15 mins

Salmon Buckwheat Noodle Bowl

Better Homes and Gardens

Japanese buckwheat (soba) noodles, tossed with orange sections, red onion and topped with balsamic marinated salmon, add subtle earthy flavor to this hearty yet low-fat main dish recipe.

Total: 30 mins

Panko Fish Nuggets

Family Circle

Roasted Kale and Red Onions

Better Homes and Gardens

This tasty side dish recipe is a perfect combination of balsamic vinegar, kale, and red onion.

Sweet and Spicy Wasabi Snack Mix

Diabetic Living

Dried apricots offset the spicy peas to give this snack a balanced mix of sweet and spicy. Pull this recipe out for your next game night.

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