Indian Curry Dishes

When most people in the U.S. think of Indian food, curry is often comes to mind first. Curry, though, has a broad definition, so try recipes such as Slow-Cooker Vegetable Curry, Curry Dip with Artichokes, Chicken and Apricot Curry, and Curried Butternut Squash Soup for a vast array of curry dishes with an Indian influence.

Hot and Spicy Braised Peanut Chicken

Better Homes and Gardens

This easy slow cooker recipe lets you enjoy all the flavors of peanut chicken without resorting to take-out! Brimming with hot, spicy, nutty, and savory flavors, it will be a chicken recipe you turn to again and again.

Tandoori Rub

Better Homes and Gardens

A trio of spices--curry powder, ginger, and cumin--proovide an exotic flavor to chicken. Because the vivid colors of fresh spices may stain your fingers, consider wearing plastic gloves before working with this rub.

Chicken-Mango Curry


Coconut milk, ginger and (of course) curry powder add Indian flair to this slow cooker chicken dinner.

Broccoli-Chicken Curry

Better Homes and Gardens

Curry paste and coconut milk give this chicken dinner authentic Indian flavor.

Madras Curry

Family Circle

Make your own Indian food at home to control the nutrition and spice level. Your slow cooker does nearly all of the work for this vegetarian dinner.

Curried Chicken Thighs

Better Homes and Gardens

If you like, fix this saucy chicken curry with boneless chicken thighs. Just reduce the cooking time to 10 minutes after adding the chicken broth.

Shrimp Curry

Better Homes and Gardens

Tease your taste buds with this invigorating alliance of sweet raisins and hot pepper sauce.

Total: 1 hr

Curried Ratatouille

Better Homes and Gardens

Curry powder and feta cheese bring big bold flavor to these stewed vegetables. Make this ratatouille a meal by serving it over rice or pasta.

Chicken Curry Meatballs


Toss these chicken meatballs in any rice, pasta or soup recipe you enjoy or just eat them with a toothpick as an appetizer!

Indian-Curry Veggie and Chevre Grilled Pizza

Midwest Living

Garam masala, a spice blend you can make or buy, adds bold flavor to this vegetable pizza. Jalapeno peppers add a little spicy heat.

Curried Chicken Stew

Better Homes and Gardens

Curried Turkey With Rice


Ground turkey is simmered in a curry tomato sauce and served over rice in this flavorful low-fat recipe.

3-Way Chicken Salad

Family Circle

Vegetable Curry


This healthy meatless meal is packed with high fiber vegetables. Pistachios on top add color and crunch.

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