Indian Chicken Dishes

Chicken is a common meat found in Indian food. Recipes for Tandoori Chicken, Curried Chicken, and Curried Chicken Thighs give you a taste of the exotic flavors of India.

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    Indian Chicken Dishes Articles
    Coconut-Lime Chicken Salad: An Easy and Colorful Dinner Dish
    ... find that color is one of the first things I think about when creating a dish. Color is what originally... drew me to this recipe for Coconut-Lime Chicken. As I read down the list of ingredients, they fell... into two categories: green and purple. The zesty, light quality of the flavors in the dish would... read more...
    Better Than Takeout: Indian Faves to Make at Home
    ... dinner table. Learning to cook your favorite Indian dishes at home is easier than you think--and we have... Indian takeout dishes, and believe me, after tasting them, you'll understand why! Vegetarian or full..., chicken tikka masala is a dish you'll love instantly. Serve the creamy tomato-based sauce with steamed... read more...
    Easy Chicken Recipes: Herbed Chicken, Orzo, and Zucchini
    ...What we can't believe is how much we love easy chicken recipes. This one -- for Herbed Chicken... with Orzo and Zucchini -- also sounds healthy. Sounds fast. And it is very easy. Boneless, skinless chicken..., but this dish does have is plenty of pizzazz. That's thanks to snippets of fresh dill, some dried basil, and a... read more...
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    Hot and Spicy Braised Peanut Chicken
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    Curried Chicken
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    Tandoori-Style Chicken
    by Better Homes and Gardens
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