Making a salmon appetizer is easy, particularly with smoked salmon. From salmon rolls to pate to bite-size salmon cucumber sandwiches, these salmon appetizer recipes infuse party spirit into any gathering.

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Smoked-Salmon-Stuffed Eggs

Better Homes and Gardens

These appetizer eggs are stuffed with potatoes and ham. You could also serve as a side dish at brunch.

Poached Salmon Appetizer

Betty Crocker

Try this salmon appetizer recipe from Betty Crocker.

Total: 2 hrs 35 mins

Salmon Trout Tartare with Pressed Caviar and Tomatoes

Food & Wine

Salmon trout has a mild, delicate taste, but regular salmon is also delicious in this bright-flavored tartare.

Total: 25 mins

Smoked Salmon Crisps

Food & Wine

Thomas Keller's salmon cornets (tuiles shaped into tiny cones and topped with creme fraiche and fresh salmon) are a famous kickoff to his luxe and whimsical meals. The original recipe appears in The French Laundry Cookbook (Artisan). Shaping the tuiles into cones is tricky and involves working very quickly with a cornet mold. Instead, leave the tuiles flat, like crackers. Top them with store-bought smoked salmon and creme fraiche.

Total: 45 mins

Salmon Sashimi with Ginger and Hot Sesame Oil

Food & Wine

Tim Cushman is a master at preparing raw fish. Here he dresses salmon with a little citrus-soy dressing, then tops it with fresh ginger and chives before bathing it in a hot sesame-oil mixture. The heat from the oil cooks the salmon just slightly, creating a luxurious texture and fragrance.

Total: 20 mins

Smoked-Salmon Carpaccio with Brioche and Caviar

Food & Wine

Eric Ripert pounds smoked salmon paper-thin, like beef carpaccio, then serves it with brioche and salmon caviar.

Total: 15 mins

Smoked Salmon Cheesecake

Betty Crocker

Add a bold splash of color to this savory cheesecake with red caviar, chopped red bell pepper or chopped seeded tomatoes. This fabulous appetizer can be made up to 48 hours ahead of time.

Total: 4 hrs 20 mins

Salmon Rillettes

Better Homes and Gardens

Rillettes, similar to pates, are tasty, protein-based spreads. Try this nutritious slow cooker salmon appetizer for your next dinner party.

Mini Salmon Wraps

Betty Crocker

In less than 30 minutes, you can make elegant smoked salmon snacks for any special gathering.

Total: 30 mins

Salmon-Dill Cheesecake

Better Homes and Gardens

This impressive appetizer cheesecake can be made up to a day before you plan to serve it.

Salmon Croustades

Better Homes and Gardens

Bright pink salmon and green arugula make these appetizer triangles perfect for Christmas gatherings.

Smoked Salmon and Pesto Spread

Better Homes and Gardens

Cream cheese, pesto, and smoked salmon come together in this spreadable appetizer that's ready in 15 minutes.

Salmon Cakes with Creamy Ginger-Sesame Sauce


Nonfat yogurt makes a light, flavorful sauce to serve with the salmon in this dinner recipe.

Smoked Salmon Appetizers

Better Homes and Gardens

Smoked salmon not available? Substitute drained canned tuna to make this party nibble.

Total: 40 mins

Smoked Salmon Appetizers

Diabetic Living

No smoked salmon on hand? Use drained canned tuna instead.

Total: 40 mins


Family Circle

Make-Ahead Smoked Salmon Roll-Ups

Better Homes and Gardens

This chilled salmon appetizer looks a little like sushi.

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