Making a salmon appetizer is easy, particularly with smoked salmon. From salmon rolls to pate to bite-size salmon cucumber sandwiches, these salmon appetizer recipes infuse party spirit into any gathering.

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Smoked-Salmon-Stuffed Eggs

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These appetizer eggs are stuffed with potatoes and ham. You could also serve as a side dish at brunch.

Salmon Rillettes

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Rillettes, similar to pates, are tasty, protein-based spreads. Try this nutritious slow cooker salmon appetizer for your next dinner party.

Salmon Cakes with Creamy Ginger-Sesame Sauce


Nonfat yogurt makes a light, flavorful sauce to serve with the salmon in this dinner recipe.

Salmon Croustades

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Bright pink salmon and green arugula make these appetizer triangles perfect for Christmas gatherings.

Smoked Salmon and Pesto Spread

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Cream cheese, pesto, and smoked salmon come together in this spreadable appetizer that's ready in 15 minutes.

Salmon-Dill Cheesecake

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This impressive appetizer cheesecake can be made up to a day before you plan to serve it.

Smoked Salmon Appetizers

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Smoked salmon not available? Substitute drained canned tuna to make this party nibble.

Total: 40 mins

Smoked Salmon Appetizers

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No smoked salmon on hand? Use drained canned tuna instead.

Total: 40 mins

Herbed Salmon

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With a fragrant blend of herbs and bright lemon, this beautifully simple dish allows the naturally sweet-richness of salmon to sing. When buying fresh fish, pay close attention to the smell. Fresh salmon should smell slightly sweet, and a little salty, like clean sea-water. If it smells "fishy" at all, it has turned, and is not safe for consumption.

Classic Cured Salmon

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Serve this beautiful salmon when entertaining. Plan ahead--this recipe needs 48 hours to chill.


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Make-Ahead Smoked Salmon Roll-Ups

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This chilled salmon appetizer looks a little like sushi.

Smoked Salmon Stacks

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The piquant flavor of capers perfectly accents the salmon for these colorful appetizers.

Smoked Salmon with Lemon-Thyme Dipping Sauce

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Guests love this appetizer because they can garnish the salmon as they please.

How to Grill Salmon

Have you looked at those wooden planks stacked in the seafood section at your market and wondered how to grill salmon with them? Turns out, it's an easy way to add a smoky flavor to a simple salmon fillet. You can serve the salmon right on the plank, an eye-catching way to showcase this delicious fish that is rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and high in protein and vitamin D.

How to Cook Salmon

For a low-fuss, light dinner idea that could just as easily wow the members of your book club or woo the object of your affections over candlelight, consider learning how to cook salmon. Cooked just right, salmon has a simple, understated elegance. This heart-healthy fish is also a great source of protein and essential omega-3 fatty acids, so it's good for you, too. You may want to make it your catch of the day any time you're feeling more in the mood for surf than turf.

How to Bake Salmon

If you don't enjoy salmon on a regular basis, you're missing out on one of the best foods you can add to your diet. Salmon is rich in essential Omega-3 fatty acids, the substances in fish that that promote heart health both in healthy individuals and in those who already have heart disease. In fact, Omega-3s are so good for you, the American Heart Association recommends most people eat fish twice a week. Even people who don't usually like fish find they like salmon for its flaky texture and mildly sweet flavor. Baking is one of the best ways to prepare it since it doesn't add fat as frying or sauteing does. Not sure how to bake salmon? You may be surprised by just how easy it is.

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