Holiday Appetizers

Big, elaborate, sit-down meals are a part of Thanksgiving and Christmas, but for sheer pleasure, we vote for the appetizers that come before the main event. When looking for appetizer recipes, keep in mind that bite-sized treats give you all the flavor of the holidays without the full belly, and it's often easier to be creative when you're serving small portions. Endive leaves make elegant little spoons for crab salad, or whip up a batch of easy-to-make blinis and serve a small dollop of crème fraîche and caviar on top. Don't worry about calories - aim for sparkle. After all, it's the holidays!

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Our Best Holiday Appetizers

Get our holiday appetizer recipes in one delicious recipe collection guaranteed to please at your Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings.

Elegant Holiday Appetizers with Endive -- Easy Does It

Endive never needs to be washed! Already you're ahead of the game if you need a Christmas appetizer -- like right now! But New Year's is coming up fast, so pay attention to how easy you'll have it with these easy and elegant recipes for holiday appetizers.

Holiday Brie en Croute

Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry

This pastry-wrapped soft cheese, topped with cranberries, apricots and almonds, is great for the holidays but it can also be served year-round.

Total: 2 hrs

Baked Brie with Fruit

Midwest Living

Prepare this simple appetizer in just 15 minutes, then grill a few minutes more. Serve with a variety of fresh fruits.

Holiday Hosting: 10 Crowd-Pleasing Christmas Appetizer Recipes

The Christmas season means guests, and lots of them. The best way to feed a holiday crowd? Christmas appetizers.

Potato Latkes

Midwest Living

These traditional Jewish potato-onion fritters, often served on Hanukkah, have tender centers and lacy rims. Top them with sour cream or applesauce.

Game-Day Spinach Pull-Apart

Pillsbury Crescents

Spinach and cheese filled Pillsbury® crescents are baked together and inverted on a plate for a foolproof appetizer idea perfect for any party.

Total: 1 hr 30 mins

Slithering Snakewich

Better Homes and Gardens

Simply shape bread dough into a curvy snake shape. Fill it with pepperoni and other pizza ingredients for a super Halloween sandwich.

Wild Mushroom and Baby Arugula Bruschetta

Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry

Light and flaky Pepperidge Farm® Puff Pastry Sheets make the perfect base for this enjoyable bruschetta topping made with sauteed arugula and wild mushrooms, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.

Total: 1 hr 25 mins

Snow Kids in Puff Pastry Shells

Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry

Get ready for some oohs and aahs...this dessert couldn't be more fun, or more delicious. And it's ready in just 40 minutes.

Total: 40 mins

Holiday Shrimp Rounds

Better Homes and Gardens

These little bite-size appetizers, shrimp perched on a light filling atop a pastry of sour cream and sharp cheddar cheese, are easily assembled and delightfully pretty.

Creamy Goat Cheese Ornaments

Better Homes and Gardens

Resembling ornaments to trim a tree, these cream cheese appetizers are rolled in red sweet pepper, green cilantro, and toasty brown pumpkin seeds to colorfully fill bowls and platters on buffet tables.

Mini Cherry Pepper Quiches

Better Homes and Gardens

Stuffed red mini peppers make these appetizers pop on your party tray.

Garden Vegetable Dip

Hidden Valley®
Total: 45 mins

Our Best Easy Appetizer Recipes

Our best quick and easy appetizers are gathered together into one great collection designed to make any party or holiday gathering a success.

Roasted Oysters

Better Homes and Gardens

Oysters pop open in the oven as they roast, making it easier to remove the delicious meat. Chopped onion and tomato become the tasty garnish.

Homemade Feta

Fine Cooking Magazine

Nothing compares to the fresh taste of homemade feta. Traditionally made with sheep's milk, this Greek cheese is equally delicious when made from store-bought cow's milk. What gives it the distinctive sharp taste and crumbly texture is a week or more spent soaking in a brine. To achieve the correct level of saltiness, be sure to weigh the salt.

Total: 30 mins
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