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Holiday Appetizers

Big, elaborate, sit-down meals are a part of Thanksgiving and Christmas, but for sheer pleasure, we vote for the appetizers that come before the main event. When looking for appetizer recipes, keep in mind that bite-sized treats give you all the flavor of the holidays without the full belly, and it's often easier to be creative when you're serving small portions. Endive leaves make elegant little spoons for crab salad, or whip up a batch of easy-to-make blinis and serve a small dollop of crème fraîche and caviar on top. Don't worry about calories - aim for sparkle. After all, it's the holidays!

Baked Brie with Fruit

Midwest Living

Prepare this simple appetizer in just 15 minutes, then grill a few minutes more. Serve with a variety of fresh fruits.

Potato Latkes

Midwest Living

These traditional Jewish potato-onion fritters, often served on Hanukkah, have tender centers and lacy rims. Top them with sour cream or applesauce.

Creamy Goat Cheese Ornaments

Better Homes and Gardens

Resembling ornaments to trim a tree, these cream cheese appetizers are rolled in red sweet pepper, green cilantro, and toasty brown pumpkin seeds to colorfully fill bowls and platters on buffet tables.

Mini Cherry Pepper Quiches

Better Homes and Gardens

Stuffed red mini peppers make these appetizers pop on your party tray.

Holiday Shrimp Rounds

Better Homes and Gardens

These little bite-size appetizers, shrimp perched on a light filling atop a pastry of sour cream and sharp cheddar cheese, are easily assembled and delightfully pretty.

Night Eyes

Better Homes and Gardens

Tipsy Tombstone Sandwiches

Better Homes and Gardens

For a ghoulish treat, these small sandwiches stand upright on a bed of cream cheese. The chicken salad snacks are hauntingly delicious.

Herbed Deviled Egg Bruschetta

Better Homes and Gardens
Total: 45 mins

Pizzazzy Little Pizzettas

Better Homes and Gardens

Shredded pork? Shrimp? Smoked chicken? You can top this versatile appetizer a variety of ways.

Roasted Pepper Pastry Pockets

Better Homes and Gardens

Keep the ingredients on hand so you can make these pastry pockets at the last minute. Better yet, make them ahead, freeze, and reheat for unexpected guests.

Festive Cheese Tortas

Better Homes and Gardens

The colorful layers in this Italian-style appetizer will make it a hit at your holiday party.

Salmon Rillettes

Better Homes and Gardens

Rillettes, similar to pates, are tasty, protein-based spreads. Try this nutritious slow cooker salmon appetizer for your next dinner party.

Beef and Blue Bites

Better Homes and Gardens
Total: 10 mins

Roasted Tomato Tart

Better Homes and Gardens

When it comes to tart making, frozen puff pastry is truly a miracle ingredient. Just be sure to thaw the pastry according to package directions. Should you wish to cut a few calories from this cheesy fresh tomato tart, you may use Neufchatel cheese instead of full-fat cream cheese.

Snowflake Mix

Midwest Living

Crunchy Cereal Wreaths


Green icing color tints the marshmallow mixture that combines with the coconut and rice cereal for these festive holiday snacks.

Jack Cheese and Smoky Chipotle Fondue

Midwest Living

Red sweet peppers and green onions add color to this smoky cheese dip. Serve it as an appetizer with bread cubes or tortilla chips.

Holiday Appetizers  Recipes: Take your pick!
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