Salsa Dip

Discover the secret to zesty salsa: fresh ingredients! From ripe tomatoes to roasted tomatillo, these salsa recipes use seasonal produce to make colorful dips that dance in your mouth.

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    Salsa Dip Articles
    Banish Storebought with This Easy, Fresh, Corn Salsa
    ...We are big salsa people in this house. Actually, let me be honest and rephrase that: I am a big... salsa person. I'm one of those people that feels chips are really just the vehicle for a good salsa... apartment only to find tortillas and a giant container of salsa in the refrigerator. These weren't my most... read more...
    Simple and Pretty Appetizer: Arugula Cannellini Dip
    ... delicious. I can now add this colorful, healthy Arugula Cannellini Dip to that lineup. click here for our... arugula cannellini dip recipe The first thing that struck me was it isn't really tied to a particular... this recipe last week I realized that its versatility might be the biggest reason to applaud this dip. Of course... read more...
    Dinner Tonight: Pork Chops with Corn-Mango Salsa
    ...The thing that's so great about this recipe for Summer Pork Chops with Corn-Mango Salsa is that you...-Mango Salsa again to have it with chicken, chips, on tacos, or maybe even to bring to a potluck dinner. It... put together, they make a knock out dinner. The sweetness and bright fresh herbs in the salsa... read more...
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