Chicken Wing Dips

No question about it: Chicken wing dip is one of those addictive appetizers. From classic chicken wing dip to spicy variations meant for the crockpot, microwave, or stove, serve a selection of these easy recipes and let your guests decide.

See Popular Chicken Wing Dips Recipes

Hot Sauce & Cola Chicken Wings

Midwest Living

Bottled hot-pepper sauce and bubbling cola give the chicken wings a sweet hotness in this appetizer.

How to Tailgate: The Best Chicken Wing Recipes

Chicken wings are the soul of a great tailgating party. They're great with beer, require no cutlery, and, if things go poorly for the home team, they provide all the comfort traditionally associated with chicken itself -- everything short of chicken soup! Whatever the actual reason that chicken wings have become a tailgating staple, there's no doubt these bite-size pieces of poultry are a must at any self-respecting gathering of tailgaters.

Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip

Better Homes and Gardens

Make this game-day snack in a slow cooker. When the wings are cooked, place the cooker for guests to fill their plates.

Spicy Hot Wing Chicken Bites: Best of the Blogs

Smokin' hot chicken wings are the only thing we can think of to cheer us up after the long Fourth of July holiday. Let's face it folks, the re-entry to work on Monday was one of the worst days of the year. What's there to look forward to now ... except wings? Fortunately, we came across a recipe for Hot Wing Chicken Bites, from the Creole Contessa, that go way beyond ordinary wings. Some of the things we really love in this recipe: the Tabasco (natch!); the Creole seasoning (what else would you expect from the Creole Contessa?); theread more

Wing It! Super Chicken Wings for the Super Bowl

Any Super Bowl party worth its salt had better include a platter piled high with chicken wings. Whether you prefer them blazing hot or sweet and sour, there's something addictive about each juicy little bite of meat on the bone. Best of all, there's nothing fussy about them--everyone can eat with their hands and revel in the finger-lickin'-good mess.

Male-Bonding Buffalo Wings

Better Homes and Gardens

If you, your family, or guests have taste buds for heat, use the full 3 tablespoons of bottled hot pepper sauce. Otherwise, tame this snack recipe with less sauce. And serve cool beverages.

Hot and Spicy Wings

Better Homes and Gardens

Whew! These wings are really hot, but the cool sour cream-basil dipping sauce helps tame the flame.

Our Best Mexican Recipes

From Mexican chicken to Mexican dips, casseroles, and rice, we've got the Mexican recipes you want.

12 Ways with Buffalo Chicken for Tailgating

From the delicious appetizers to hearty mains, these buffalo chicken rinspired ecipes are sure to make you the MVP of any tailgate!

How to Bake Chicken Wings

Next time you throw that game-day party, learn how to bake chicken wings and your guests will feel like they've scored seats in their own private sports bar.

Super-Sized Super Bowl: How Much Will Americans Eat on Game Day?

Hut, hut, hot wings! Are you ready for some football? Whether you care about the Super Bowl or -- like us -- simply watch it for the commercials and the excuse to day-drink and eat your weight in fatty foods, it's definitely a time when takeout scores a touchdown.

Six Knockout Nacho Recipes

Amid the cheers for touchdowns and field goals on Super Bowl Sunday, let's give a shout out to Ignacio Anaya, the inventor of the nacho! You may be especially inspired as you reach for one of the meat, cheese, bean, and salsa-loaded tortilla chips that are as much a part of a Super Bowl party (or any party, for that matter) as a spicy Buffalo chicken wing. And we've got plenty of nachos recipes to inspire you.

How to Make Hot and Spicy Wings

Make these hot and spicy wings for any event and serve with a bit of dip for a fabulous appetizer.

How to Make Chicken Wings

Chicken wings were once an overlooked, often discarded, part of the bird. But as the popularity of Buffalo wings has surged, so has a whole host of ideas for how to make chicken wings. These days, casual restaurant menus often feature full sections devoted exclusively to chicken wings. You can get them flavored any number of ways including with barbecue, honey mustard or teriyaki sauces.

McDonald's Tests New Chicken Wings--But Will They Take Off?

Welcome to McDonald's. Want a wet nap with that? That could become a new greeting at the mega fast-food chain if folks flock to the chicken wings being tested in some 500 Chicago-area restaurants. "Mighty Wings" will be available in the Windy City this week, the Associated Press reports, hot on the fine-feathered heels of a wing-tastic Atlanta test held in 2012. "Mighty Wings" start at $3 for three wings (Three wings? Who would eat just three wings?!), with five or ten wings also for sale. We thought all wings had to be sold by the more

Best of the Blogs: Fried Chicken

For picnics, barbecues, and backyard gatherings, here are our favorite recipes for fried chicken from our food blogger friends.

Ranch Dressing -- Not Just for Summer Salads Anymore!

Of course you love ranch dressing. Who doesn't? But do you really want to try it as a soda. YOU READ THIS CORRECTLY! A company called Rocket Fizz, which has a thing for weirdly flavored sodas -- how about buffalo chicken wing, peanut butter and jelly, and bacon -- has just come out with its latest beverage: Ranch Dressing. Fortunately for us, the Huffington Post food blog, Taste, has already sampled Ranch Dressing soda. Here's what one editor had to say: "You know, there is almost nothing I won't eat, but the smell of this alone made my eyesread more

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