7 Layer Dip

Tex-Mex parties aside, 7-layer dip is one of those appetizers that goes over big at any shindig. These quick and tasty recipes put the ultimate spin on 7-layer dip.

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    7 Layer Dip Articles
    Dinner Tonight: Reclaim the Layered Salad
    ...Growing up, the layered salad was a dinner staple of my Midwestern grandmother's kitchen, and we... loved it for its crunchy, tangy mix of mayo and (yes) potato chips. Today, the layered salad gets a bad... recipe and its 16 cups of mayo (my grandma would be proud). But layered salads don't have to be unhealthy or full... read more...
    Toddler Dessert: Layered Fruit and Vegetable Pops
    ..., such as these layered orange-carrot toddler pops. They even inspired me to create more layered fruit and vegetable pops... for toddler and adult snacks and desserts. Click here for our layered orange-carrot toddler pops recipe.... The idea is to pair a fruit with a complementary vegetable and freeze them together in layers in a small... read more...
    Make-Ahead Layered Chicken Fiesta Salad
    ... dips, step aside; layered salads are taking center stage. Get the recipe for the layered chicken fiesta...Although I haven't tried them for myself yet, I've been intrigued by the layered salads I've been... lunch. It wasn't until I saw this layered chicken fiesta salad recipe that I thought about... read more...
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    by Better Homes and Gardens
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    by Better Homes and Gardens
    Tex Mex Dip
    by Family Circle
    Individual Seven-Layer Dips
    by Ladies' Home Journal
    7 Layer Sombrero Dip
    by Hidden Valley®
    Fiesta 7 Layer Dip
    by RO*TEL
    The Ultimate 7-Layer Dip
    by Breakstone's
    Seven-Layer Bean Dip
    by Old El Paso
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