7 Layer Dip

Tex-Mex parties aside, 7-layer dip is one of those appetizers that goes over big at any shindig. These quick and tasty recipes put the ultimate spin on 7-layer dip.

See Popular 7 Layer Dip Recipes
Total: 3 hrs 10 mins

Mexican Seven-Layer Dip

Better Homes and Gardens

This perennial party favorite recipe boasts luscious guacamole, a layer of hearty beans, and cheese.

Fiesta 7 Layer Dip


Colorful layers of refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, spicy tomatoes, olives, and onion for a casual party dip.

Total: 2 hrs 20 mins

7-Layer Southwestern Dip

Better Homes and Gardens

Serve this bean, cheese, sour cream, and salsa dip with homemade or purchased tortilla chips.

7 Layer Sombrero Dip

Hidden Valley®

MVP Seven-Layer Dip

Family Circle

This handy single-serving seven-layer dip will be a winner at any tailgate or dinner party!

Tex Mex Dip

Family Circle

This ever-popular appetizer is known by many names, such as seven-layer spread. Whatever you call it, it's always a hit.

Individual Seven-Layer Dips

Ladies' Home Journal

For this colorful appetizer, everyone gets their own layered dip. Serve with plenty of tortilla chips so guests can enjoy every last bite.

Total: 35 mins

"Healthified" Greek Layered Dip

Betty Crocker

You'll love this much better-for-you appetizer updated with fat-free ingredients, extra veggies and baked whole wheat pita chips. It has 70% less fat, 54% fewer calories, and 48% less sodium than the original recipe.

Total: 20 mins

Seven-Layer Bean Dip

Old El Paso

Dig in to a delicious homemade dip. Make it by layering your favorite Mexican ingredients.

Total: 20 mins

Red and Green Layered Bean Dip

Diabetic Living

Similar to the classic seven-layer dip, this Mexican appetizer layers salsa, black beans, queso fresco cheese and more over refried beans. Scoop up a serving with crunchy tortilla chips.

Southwestern Layered Bean Dip


Plenty of black beans, salsa and chopped fresh vegetables mean a healthy amount of dietary fiber in this Tex-Mex layered dip. We use reduced-fat sour cream along with full-fat (and full-flavored) cheese to make the dip lighter without compromising great taste. Be sure to have lots of baked tortilla chips on hand when you serve it.

Total: 20 mins

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