Dips and Spreads

A bag of chips and plenty of dips, spreads, and chutneys keep any party going. Easy recipes for hot and cold dips as well as spreads with beans, cheese, and artichokes offer timeless topper options.

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Quick & Easy Dips and Spreads

You want to lay out an assortment of dips that provide familiar flavors without any fuss.These recipes require few ingredients, a big mixing bowl, and a spoon to make and are served with chips.

Margarines and Spreads: Know Your Label Lingo

Let's face it: Whether you're using them to "butter" toast, make a cake or adding a pat to a baked potato, margarine and other "spreads" are all, to one degree or another, substitutes for butter. People turn to butter substitutes for a range of reasons, usually health-related. But as concern has grown about trans-fat, and cholesterol has been divided into "good" and "bad," what may have seemed like a healthier choice several years ago could be open to debate.

Elegant Dip and Spread Recipes

You want to impress guests with good taste, both in the type of dips and spreads and in presentation. These recipes combine delicious flavors with pretty colors and textures.

Super Bowl Party Dips and Spicy Salsas

Food is as important as the big game on Super Bowl Sunday, so be prepared. Super Bowl parties are meant for snacking, so salsas and dips are a must. But don't default to jarred supermarket brands--it's simple and easy to create your own fresh versions, and the flavor of homemade is definitely worth the effort.

Ethnic-Inspired Dip and Spread Recipes

You want your guests to be able to experience other cultures from the sanctity of their easy chairs.These dips and spreads offer an intriguing variety of flavors and aromas.

Sun Dried Tomato and Green Onion Dip

The Food Channel

This fresh and delightful dip makes any chip taste better. Adds excellent flavor and a touch of class to snacktime.

Raspberry-Mint Marshmallow Creme Dip

Betty Crocker

Want to make fresh fruit taste even better? Serve it with this cool and creamy yogurt dip!

Total: 2 hrs 25 mins

Caramelized Onion-Bacon Dip

Ladies' Home Journal

Onion dip is always a favorite but we added bacon to make it even better. Serve it with crackers, chips, or vegetables for a snack or appetizer.

Total: 1 hr 50 mins

Zesty Corn Dip

Betty Crocker

With ground red chilies, cumin and whole kernel corn, a spicy dip makes any party a fiesta!

Total: 1 hr 10 mins

Black Bean Salsa Dip with Vegetables

Pace Salsa & Picante

Perfect for casual get-togethers, this tasty layered dip takes just 5 minutes to make...but it's so good, it may disappear just as quickly!

Total: 2 hrs 5 mins

Gorgonzola and Toasted Walnut Spread

Betty Crocker

The fabulous flavor of toasted walnuts infuses every bite of this rich and creamy spread. Have it ready in 10 minutes!

Total: 10 mins

Pesto-Provolone Terrine

Better Homes and Gardens

Serve this appetizer with toasted bread slices or a variety of crackers.

Green Goddess Dip

Better Homes and Gardens

Herbs galore--tarragon, parsley, and chives--add fresh flavor to this quick and easy cream cheese veggie dip.

Total: 40 mins

Cranberry-Topped Three-Cheese Spread

Betty Crocker

Juicy, tart cranberries complement a delicious spread made with three types of tasty cheese.

Total: 2 hrs 15 mins
Total: 45 mins

New Year's Day Black-Eyed Peas

Food & Wine

"Growing up in a large family of mixed heritage in the South, it seemed only natural to make things up as we went along," says Ryan Hardy. "My mother, a Yankee, insisted that it was good luck to have black-eyed peas on New Year's Day and she'd save the bones from country ham hunks just for that day." Hardy, who has childhood memories of black-eyed peas simmering on the front burner (and collards on the back burner), has adapted the recipe over the years; he now serves the hearty peas with garlic-rubbed toasts and garnishes them with generous amounts of freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Total: 2 hrs 30 mins
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