Crab Cake Sauce

The best crab cake sauces are creamy concoctions. Try these easy recipes that add a dollop of zing, such as Remoulade, lemon cream, or a crab cake sauce made with Dijon.

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    Crab Cake Sauce Articles
    Cooking with Crab: Delectable Soups, Appetizers and Main Dishes
    ... to use crab is in cakes. Try Crisp Cayenne-Spiced Crab Cakes, Crab Cakes with Corn Relish or Crab Cake... Burgers. The key to flavorful crab cakes is to use plenty of crab and not to much filler. If you.... At the point that the season ends towards May and June, the blue crab season starts. When they molt, they shed... read more...
    Chicken with Honey-Orange Sauce: Dinner for $10
    ...If you think the only easy way to sauce up ordinary boneless chicken breasts is with a can... with Honey-Orange Sauce. There are the titular ingredients, of course (honey and orange -- it's citrus season...-wine-and-chicken-broth sauce that's seasoned with a touch of cinnamon and studded with plump golden raisins. Dredging... read more...
    Tomatillo Green Sauce: Minimal Ingredients, Maximum Flavor
    ... to still be benefiting from. During that time, he developed quite a collection of go-to sauces and rubs... dishes is a really great green sauce that we use in all sorts of ways, and has definitely become a family... (and friend) favorite. The standout ingredient in this sauce is the tomatillo. If you've never cooked... read more...
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