A hearty cheese fondue contains at least one good melting cheese such as Swiss, Emmenthaler, or Gruyere. Dish up these easy recipes laced with beer or Kirsch and serve with crusty breads and crudites.

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Homestyle Swiss Cheese Fondue

Swanson Broth & Stock

This rich, savory Swiss cheese fondue is an easy to make classic that will become a favorite at your table.

Total: 25 mins

Classic Cheese Fondue

Food & Wine

Chef Ryan Hardy makes his luxurious fondue with two kinds of Swiss cheese (Emmentaler and Gruyere) and two kinds of spirits (white wine and Kirsch), all traditional ingredients. Some of the dipping items are also classic, like cubes of crusty bread and pickles, but some are unconventional, like slices of Hardy's salami and other hearty house-cured charcuterie, which are all wonderful with the winey fondue.

Total: 20 mins

Cheese Fondue

Better Homes and Gardens

Two cheeses and a splash of white wine flavor this gooey appetizer fondue that is delicious when dunked with bread chunks.

October Dinner Fondue


Friends coming over? Add to the fun by serving this easy to make, main-dish fondue to serve with chicken, veggies or tortellini. Or you can be creative, and come-up with your own dippers for this versatile recipe.

Total: 30 mins

Quick Cheese Fondue


With just four ingredients and 15 minutes, you can prepare this luscious cheese fondue that makes an easy and elegant appetizer.

Total: 15 mins

Pizza Fondue

Prego Italian Sauce

Pepperoni, red and green bell pepper and cream cheese blend together with pasta sauce to make a quick and easy fondue for your next get-together.

Total: 20 mins

Italiano Fondue

Prego Italian Sauce

Robust Prego® Italian Sauce, red wine and mozzarella cheese meld together for a delicious Italian-style fondue.

Total: 20 mins

Easy Baked Cheese Fondue

Better Homes and Gardens

Cambozola cheese combines the melting qualities of Camembert with the strong flavor of Gorgonzola. Watch the cheese carefully when making this appetizer recipe. Once heated, it quickly begins to melt.

Supreme Pizza Fondue

Better Homes and Gardens

Serve this pizza-flavored appetizer dip for a teen's birthday or graduation party.

Beer & Cheddar Fondue

Better Homes and Gardens

Two great ingredients -- beer and cheddar cheese -- will make this fondue be the first dish to disappear at any party. If you double or triple the recipe for a larger gathering, consider serving the fondue in a slow cooker on low setting. The thick crock and gentle heat will keep the fondue warm and smooth for a long time.

Pesto-Cheese Fondue

Better Homes and Gardens

Fondue is fun! This contemporary appetizer recipe is flavored with pesto and three cheeses.

Buttermilk and Swiss Fondue

Better Homes and Gardens

Buttermilk lends pleasing tanginess to the Swiss cheese flavor in this quick-to-make fondue recipe for two.

Total: 30 mins

Jack Cheese and Smoky Chipotle Fondue

Midwest Living

Red sweet peppers and green onions add color to this smoky cheese dip. Serve it as an appetizer with bread cubes or tortilla chips.

Fond of Fondue

Better Homes and Gardens

Follow the French style of enhancing the flavor of this cheese fondue recipe by rubbing the inside of the pot with a halved garlic clove.

Beer & Cheddar Fondue

Fine Cooking Magazine

If fondue seems like a project, you might be surprised at just how easily it comes together. In fact, it's a perfect dish for casual entertaining, even on a busy weeknight. Just grab a fondue pot, set out a few dippers (see Serving Suggestions, below), and invite friends over to dig (or rather, dip) in.

10 Fondue Recipes for Easy Holiday Magic

When my husband and I were married 400 years ago, the wedding present of the day was fondue sets. We were given three of them. A couple of years later, at my sister's wedding, woks were the big thing.

One-Pot Fondue: 30-Minute Meal

Hot enough for you? Wouldn't it be nice on these blazing summer nights if you could simply whip up a fresh, homemade pizza--a quick, easy pie that didn't involve a lot of oven time? Can't do that, but you could make a classic Swiss fondue -- in just half an hour -- with lots of rich and gooey melted cheese, slices of crusty French bread, hard salami, and a bunch of pickles on the side.

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