Cheese and Pepperoni Appetizers

Cheese and pepperoni are an irresistible appetizer combination. From pepperoni-cheese pizza rolls to pepperoni-cream cheese dip, guests will gobble up these easy munchies in a flash.

See Popular Cheese and Pepperoni Appetizers Recipes

Pizza Pretzels


Pizza Quesadillas

Better Homes and Gardens

For lunch or light dinner, serve these cheese, pepperoni, and olive quesadillas with soup or salad.

Total: 30 mins

Pepperoni Pizza Loaf for 22

Better Homes and Gardens

Three ingredients--Parmesan cheese, pepperoni, and fennel seed--make ordinary bread taste like pizza! Try it for your next grilled cheese sandwich.

Olive Pepperoni Kabobs

Better Homes and Gardens
Total: 20 mins

Cheese-Filled Empanadas

Family Circle

Calzone Pinwheel Rolls

Better Homes and Gardens

Easy to make with hot roll mix, these pepperoni-and-cheese-filled spirals are rolled and sliced, then baked in a round pan.

Savory Cream Cheese Spread with Party Wraps

Midwest Living

Italian seasoning and green onions flavor this simple spread. Use it to make one of the two appetizer options included in this recipe.

Pizza Pizzazz Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

Your favorite takeout entree can now be served at home in salad form. Try this recipe for dinner and surprise your family.

Sponsored: Sassy Tailgate Sandwiches

See how to make sassy ham-and-cheese sandwich appetizers.

Super Quick Pepperoni Pasta Recipe: 30-Minute Meal

Everybody loves Italian past dishes, but we've found one for a Quick Pepperoni Pasta recipe that not only tastes great but comes together faster than you can say buon apetito. Well, almost. It's pretty fast. Here's an authentic Italian recipe that gets you in and out of the kitchen in just 30 minutes. And you just can't beat that, especially for dish filled with sizzling, juicy pepperoni, fresh spinach (hey, this dish is healthy, too), and rich aged Parmesan cheese. Want to turn this quick and easy pasta dish into a full meal? Just poke in some breadread more

Holiday Hosting: 10 Crowd-Pleasing Christmas Appetizer Recipes

The Christmas season means guests, and lots of them. The best way to feed a holiday crowd? Christmas appetizers.

Grilled Cheese Recipes -- Creative, Comforting & Ready to Go

Get creative with your next grilled cheese by adding fruit, bacon, veggies, or whatever items you love.

Elegant Holiday Appetizers with Endive -- Easy Does It

Endive never needs to be washed! Already you're ahead of the game if you need a Christmas appetizer -- like right now! But New Year's is coming up fast, so pay attention to how easy you'll have it with these easy and elegant recipes for holiday appetizers. Endive is a delicious vegetable but one you might never see in a field. That's because it's grown from the root of a harvested chicory plant that's stored in the dark. The roots sprout red or green endive "chicons," which are crunchy and crisp. Scientifically speaking, endive is chicory witloof, but we know itread more

Sausage and Mushroom Stuffed-Crust Pizza: Make the Takeout

"How about pizza?" We've said it a thousand times, on those nights when, after an incredibly hectic day, the idea of standing over a stove and cooking dinner is just the final straw. Dialing up for pizza delivery is an answered prayer.

Pizza Perfect Perfume, the Cheesy Side of Valentine's Day

EAU, NO! Do you really want your valentine smelling like a double pepperoni with mushrooms and extra cheese? Do you really want Margarita reeking of margherita? According to Huff Po Food, Pizza Hut perfume -- yes, folks, it's called Eau de Pizza Hut -- is now available in the U.S. but only in limited quantities and only for a few more days during this Valentine's Day promo. The chain is asking customers to tweet @PizzaHut (using the hashtag #LastMinuteLovers) "begging" for a Last Minute Lovers Package. In addition to the Eau de Pizza Hut, the package includes aread more

Can Fast Food Ever Be "Artisanal"?

Don't you think the ad line for Domino's new "Artisan Pizza" kind of says it all: "We're not artisans." No, Domino's you're really not. Sure, you might do the trick with pizza when our hormones are raging, the kids are screaming for dinner, the Bud Light is calling to us from the fridge, and there's no way on earth we're actually going to cook anything ourselves tonight.

Pop-Up Pizza Casserole: Dinner for $10

Remember when you were a kid, you could take a story you'd heard a hundred times, but if it was in a pop-up book -- bam! It was magical all over again. Well, there's something of that same magic going on here with this it-couldn't-be-more-family-friendly casserole. It's a pop-up casserole! And while we don't know whether the whole "pop-up" thing would work on, say, broccoli, we're talking pizza here. And for such a payoff, it's pretty easy to make: you've got a sauteed mix of ground beef, onion, pepper and seasoning. Pour that into your casserole dish, topread more

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